Well, color me mortified: FAQs for $$

Loosey dressed for work
Loosey is in!

Hello, there!

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to buy yourself a hot treat, but then — WHAM! — roadblock?

So do I. Nothing should come between a woman and her goals. Besides, retail therapy is practically in the Constitution! Am I right?

You know what else really frosts my cookies? Outdated FAQs. Because, listen, I’ve got the newest tablet and the newest phone and your hand-coded endless scroll is sooooo 2000.

Well, color me mortified! Loose Id is guilty as charged.

I can’t let that stand. I absolutely can’t. So give a woman a hand, will you?

Have a question for customer service, about our submissions, contracts, editing process, author development? I’ll answer and if I use it on the new 2015 FAQs, I’ll give you $2 in Idcents.

In comments, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Ask, G+ or my email — fire away. The CIO is in!

Yours in romance and retail therapy,


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