Truth or Dare? You Have Me by Megan Slayer

Battle Scarred 1: You Have Me | Megan SlayerTruth or Dare: You Have Me ~ Naughty Meeting Edition
A Battle Scarred interlude by Megan Slayer

Kynan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He wanted to taste his lover and indulge in her sweetness. He raked his fingers through his hair and bit back a groan. His teeth ached. Of all the things he could be doing, he had to be in a meeting and not with his lover, Lexa.

He glanced over at her. Need coursed through his veins. Sunlight inched across the floor. Well, fuck. That was the last thing he wanted—sunshine. He’d fucking fry.

“I’ll be right back,” Creighton, Kynan’s best friend, said and strolled out of the room.

Lexa jumped up from her seat and yanked the curtain closed. “Sorry. I thought I pulled the curtain tight.”

He picked at the worn wooden arm of his chair. Listening to Creighton talk about computers and hackers was interesting, but not interesting enough. Most of his time as a vampire had been spent trying to keep the other supernatural creatures safe from the rogue hunters trying to kill them. He didn’t want to talk about death or how the computer would lead the rogues to his home.

“Lexa.” He met her gaze. “Come here.”

She clasped her hands together and stood before him. She’d snagged one of his button down shirts from the closet and the garment almost covered her denim shorts. He patted his thigh.

Lexa perched on his leg. Her breasts strained against the fabric of the shirt. His mouth watered and a new wave of desire rocked within him. He popped the top two buttons on the shirt, sending the plastic discs flying across the room.

“Want to play a game?” he asked. He slid his palm beneath the cotton of the shirt and caressed her bare breast. “Truth or dare?”

She shivered under his touch and her lips parted. “Uh-huh.”

“Which is it?” Hell. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d played such a game, but with her, he wanted to try everything again.

“Dare.” Her eyes flashed and she licked her lips. “Sir.”

He had to think fast. Something sexy and sinful… “Up.” He scooted forward on his chair. “I want you across my lap—without the shorts. Show me that pretty plug in your ass.”

“Yes, sir.” She popped the button on her bottoms and shimmied out of the denim. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as she bared her lower body to him. She adjusted the shirt until it pulled against her breasts. Her erect nipples showed through and he groaned. He couldn’t wait to get back to the room to be alone with her.

Lexa stretched across his lap and wriggled her ass as she rested on his thighs. The shiny dark blue butt plug glimmered from between her ass cheeks. She parted her legs just enough to give him access to the toy.

Kynan tapped the head of the plug and jiggled it within her body. She buried her face against his shin and muffled her whimper in his pant leg. He chuckled. This would be a fun dare. “No noise, pasha.”

She glanced up at him, then splayed her hands on the floor. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” He smoothed his palm over her ass. He loved his pasha with his entire heart. His mate knew how to please him.

Creighton strolled back into the room and plopped onto his office chair at the other end of the long table. He met Kynan’s gaze, but didn’t say anything.

“Go on,” Kynan said. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Right.” Creighton turned his tablet around and pointed to the images on the screen.

Kynan heard his friend speak and understood the words, but nothing cemented in his brain. He twisted the knob on the end of the plug. The little motor hummed and she tensed. Her nails dug into the carpet.  Lexa’s legs trembled and she buried her face against his jeans leg again, but she didn’t make any noise. He loved the power exchange and how she gave herself up to him so willingly.

He jiggled the toy within her ass. The movement massaged her from within. A whimper bubbled in her throat and vibrated against his shin. Her leg trembled and she tensed again.

Kynan fiddled with the speed of the vibrator, increasing the vibrations within the toy. She balled her hands and stifled the moan, but he still heard the noise. He flattened his hand on her ass and patted. With each pat, he ratcheted up the intensity until he left a ruddy print on her pale skin.

Lexa whimpered again and arched her back. Kynan twisted the plug in her ass and turned the dial to full intensity. The little motor hummed, but not as loud as he’d expected. The more they played, the more he enjoyed the game. He eased his fingers between her cunt lips and grinned. Her juices coated his fingertips. He bit back a moan. He wanted to sink his teeth into the soft skin of her inner thigh and drink deep from her.

Creighton stopped talking and sighed. “Until we can get the shifter and the vampire onto the property, we’re fucked. My contacts on the outside haven’t gotten back to me. We need to work out a plan and I’m stumped.” He paused. “You’re busy.” He winked. “When you’re ready to brainstorm, hit me up.” He smothered a smile behind his hand and picked up the tablet.

Kynan waited until Creighton left and relaxed a bit. He swatted her ass once more. “Up.”

Lexa wobbled to her feet. Her dark hair partially obscured her reddened face. She smoothed the tresses from her eyes and met his gaze.

“On the table. I want to reward you for completing the dare.” He leaned back in his seat and licked his fingers. He loved tasting her.

Lexa hopped onto the oak desk and sat in front of him. She parted her legs again. Her pussy lips glittered and the shirt barely covered her breasts.

Kynan rolled his chair up to the table and spread her thighs. He met her gaze for a split second before he sank his teeth into her vein. Lexa thrust her fingers into his hair and whimpered.

“Sir.” She relaxed beneath him. “Oh, sir.”

Her blood flooded his mouth and the essence of her sustained him. She gave him new life—at least for a dead man. When she tugged his hair, he sank his teeth in deeper. Desire filled him along with her blood. Lexa curled over him and moaned. Her breathing slowed.

If he didn’t stop, he’d take too much. Despite his need for her, he withdrew from her vein and closed the wound. He buried his face between her legs and lapped at her juices. Damn. Having her as his sub made him the luckiest vampire in the world.

Lexa sagged against the table and sighed. “Sir.”

“Mine.” He sucked on her clit until she jerked, then released his hold. He licked his lips and made sure he didn’t miss a drop of her blood or natural lubrication.

“Kynan?” She reached for him.

He stood long enough to click the lock on the door. He should’ve thought of that earlier, but he didn’t care. He tugged her onto his lap and held her to his chest.

“That was the best dare ever,” she murmured.

“It was.” He smiled and stood with her in his arms. “But the best is yet to come.”

* * * *

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