Truth or Dare? With a Dragon by Emily Carrington

Emily Carrington's Dragon in Training 2: Dragon Fire
Dragon in Training is the story of lovers Mark and Luke, a dragon and a genie, tasked with keeping the Gulf Coast safe.

An interlude from the Dragon in Training universe with characters from Autumn Montague’s Siren’s Daughter

Rules: The players must choose truth or dare. No one is allowed to say, “I dare you to tell the truth about…” If this rule is broken or if a player refuses a dare or to tell the truth, a punishment will be levied.

Note: This game takes place via Skype.

[Mark, a dragon, and his husband, Luke, a genie, sit in their living room in Tampa, Florida. The computer is on before them.]

Luke: Now will you tell me who we’re playing with?

Mark: [grins] I bet you can figure it out.

Luke: My magic doesn’t work over Skype.

[An image pops up on the screen. A man and woman sit in a house that is more traditionally Japanese than not.]

Mark: [inclines his head] Lord Kenta.

Kenta: Agent Tavery. [He smiles without warmth.]

Mark: [hesitates, looks away, looks back] There’s no need for that. I don’t want what is yours and you don’t want what is mine.

Luke and Cassie: I don’t belong to you.

Cassie: [punches Kenta’s arm]

Mark: [smirks] It’s just protocol, Luke.

Kenta: We should get this over with.

Mark: Will you start, madam?

Cassie: Don’t call me madam. My soul may be older than your oldest ancestor but my human body is quite young.

Luke: And lovely.

Mark: [glares at his husband]

Luke [chuckles] When you figure out what she is you’ll understand. Now, Lady, will you please start off this rather amusing game?

Cassie [eyes flashing briefly silver] Truth or dare, Genie?

Luke: My name is Luke, and I will choose dare.

Cassie: If it’s within your power, turn yourself into what you think I am.

Luke: [pauses before standing, backing away from the computer a little, and bows. When he stands straight he has translucent wings and a faintly birdlike visage]

[Naked, he is also obviously female.]

Mark: Siren! [he stands, bows low to Cassie] My lady.

Luke: What about me?

Mark: [kisses his husband’s…wife’s? cheek] I love you.

Cassie: [laughing] This is fun.

Luke: [regains his usual form] Truth or dare, Lord Kenta?

Kenta: Truth.

Luke: What exactly is your problem with Mark?

Kenta: That is not an appropriate question under the circumstances.

Cassie: Stop sounding like your brother and just answer the question. [Her eyes become briefly silver again.]

Kenta: He’s a superior, arrogant ass.

Mark: [squeezes Luke’s hand when Luke frowns] You asked.

Luke: You’re not insulted?

Mark: Ask me if I care what a lessersselkie son of the Dragon Lord of the Japanese Sea thinks. [smiles at Kenta] Your turn.

Kenta: For your information, I’m not just—

Cassie: [leans over and kisses Kenta’s mouth] Take your turn or we’ll be here all day.

Kenta: When is this game even over?

Cassie: Who cares? This is fun.

Kenta: [pauses] Agent Tavery, I dare you to tell me a secret about your dragon nature.

Mark: [shifts in his chair, looks away, bites his lip, and finally looks back] I enjoy the taste of blood more than I should. More than I used to think I should.

Kenta: [laughs] You’re squeamish?

Mark: Lady Cassie, truth or dare?

Cassie: Truth.

Mark: Why did you marry such a jerk?

Cassie: [laughs, but her eyes shift to silver] Watch your tongue. But because we’re playing, I married him because he’s a wonderful, sexy sea god. When he’s not talking to you.

[Mark and Kenta blush for different reasons]

Cassie: Here’s a question outside the game so you don’t have to answer, Agent Tavery. But since everyone else is using their first names, why aren’t you?

Mark: Habit. [pauses] I’m Mark, Lady Cassie.

Cassie: And I’m just Cassie. Truth or dare, Mark?

Mark: Uh… Truth. No, dare.

Cassie [showing her silver eyes, which means the siren in her is ascendant and powerful] Truth you said first, truth it shall be. What do you fear most in the world? Is it your dragon nature?

Mark: Luke being hurt. [blushes, fidgets, but holds her gaze]

Cassie: [eyes returning to normal] Thank you for being honest.

Mark: Kent—Lord Kenta? Truth or dare?

Kenta: Dare.

Mark: I dare you to show us your nonhuman form.

Kenta: [laughs] I’m now doubly glad we decided to do this with technology rather than in person. [steps back from the computer and shifts into the large and scaly guise of a Japanese water dragon; all eighteen feet of him is hard pressed to fit in the small room]

Mark: [stares and then laughs even as he bows] No wonder you don’t like when I call you selkie! [bows again] Maybe I am an arrogant ass.

Kenta: [regains his human form, grabbing up a robe to hide his nakedness] Don’t forget superior [Then he smiles a little at Cassie] Mark and I have made nice. Is the game over now?

Cassie [eyes brown and innocent, smile seductive] Only because I want you. [twiddles her fingers at the camera] Bye, Luke. Bye, Mark.

[When the image is gone, Luke turns to Mark]

Luke: So… Would you make love to me in my siren form?

Mark: Only because it’s you underneath and you make me want you.

Luke: I think I’ll stay this way. It’s more…natural.

Mark: Good. [seizes Luke and kisses him deeply] I have an irresistible urge to swallow your cock.

* * *

Author’s Note:
Mark Tavery and Luke Morrison are from: Dragon in Training series 1, 2, 3, and a cameo in A Pack of His Own: Hunter’s Claim
Cassie and Kenta are from Autumn Montague’s new release, Siren’s Daughter, and used by permission of the author.

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Happy New Year, all!

Emily Carrington

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