Truth or Dare? The Freddie Venus Edition by Neil Plakcy

Have Body, Will Guard 7: Finding Freddie Venus | Neil PlakcyTruth or Dare? The Freddie Venus Edition
An interlude in the Have Body, Will Guard universe by Neil Plakcy with characters from Finding Freddie Venus

It was an odd situation for certain, Aidan Greene thought. He and his partner sat with their client, retired gay porn star Freddie Venus, and the stalker they’d been hired to protect him from. But it appeared that Newt presented no harm, and that he and Freddie had already been to bed together. Aidan and his partner, Liam McCullough, sat with the two of them in Freddie’s living room. The next day they’d return to their home but for now they’d been roped into a game of Truth or Dare with Freddie and Newt.

Newt began the game. He was an overweight author of gay romance novels focused on a unicorn named Fledglis who flew through the sky impaling homophobes on his horn, which could transform on demand into a giant pulsing penis.

“Liam, truth or dare?” he asked Aidan’s partner.

“Why do I have to go first?” Liam asked.

“Because you’re still on my payroll,” Freddie said. “Go on. Don’t be a baby.”

Liam crossed his arms over his chest. “Truth.”

Newt said, “You used to be a Navy SEAL, right?”

Liam nodded.

“Did you ever have sex with another soldier?”

Liam glared at Aidan. “Hey, you’re the one who chose truth,” Aidan said.

“Fine. I was still in the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, so it’s not like gay soldiers and sailors were frolicking all over base. But there was one operation in Central America – don’t ask me the country because I won’t tell you—where I was stuck out in the jungle at an observation post with an Army sergeant.”

Aidan leaned forward. This was a story he hadn’t heard.

“It was so hot and humid that we spent most of the time wearing as little as possible. Jim– that was his name – had bought a big piece of cloth from a native woman and wore it like a sarong.” He smiled. “Aidan can probably tell you what I wore.”

“A jock strap,” Aidan said, and both Freddie and Newt gaped.

“That is so fucking hot,” Freddie said.

“Yeah, hot was the word for it all right,” Liam said. “I was so horny that my dick was chafing the jock all the time. One day when Jim went out to bring water back from the stream, I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my dick out and started stroking it.”

Aidan loved the way both men strained forward to hear the story. Liam was a walking God, after all, a version of Michelangelo’s David in flesh and bone, and he could see both men imagining Liam jerking off.

“Jim hadn’t really gone, though,” Liam said. “He’d just stepped a few feet away, because he had a feeling I was as horny as he was. I heard a branch snap and I looked up, and there he was, in that stupid sarong, his dick sticking up against the fabric like a flagpole. He untied it and dropped it to the ground, then said something like ‘can a buddy help a buddy out?’”

“What did you say?” Newt asked.

“What do you think he said?” Freddie said, elbowing him. “It wouldn’t be a story if he said no.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Liam said. “I peeled my jock down and stood up, and Jim came over to me, and we started jerking each other off. It was so fucking hot we were already drenched in sweat and pretty soon we were rolling around together, half wrestling and half fucking. Fortunately we were relieved two days later or we’d probably still be there.”

He turned to Newt. “My turn, right? Truth or dare?”


Liam nodded. “Make Freddie cum using only your mouth.”

“I like that kind of dare,” Freddie said. He was still in great shape for a guy in his fifties, and he was eager to strip off his shirt and open up his shorts. “Go for it, buddy.”

“Just to make it more interesting,” Liam said. “Hands behind your back, Newt.”

Freddie had an impressive collection of sex toys, and as Newt got down on his knees and started to chow down, Liam found a pair of velvet-lined handcuffs. He leaned down and snapped them around Newt’s wrists.

Aidan found the scene very sexy, like something out of one of the porn movies Freddie had starred in during his heyday. The fact that his stalker, Newt, had been turned into his sex slave made the scene even sexier.

Newt’s head bobbed up and down as Freddie encouraged him. “Go for it, big boy,” he said. “Pretend my dick is an ice cream cone.”

Newt paused for just a moment. “Sucking you is better than eating ice cream,” he said.

Freddie laughed. “That’s just what I want to hear. We’re going to have you in fighting shape soon, dude.”

Then his laughter stopped and his face contorted. “Holy shit,” he gasped, and then he bucked a couple of times and shot his load down Newt’s throat.

Liam undid the handcuffs and Newt stood up, flexing his shoulders.

“Man, that was hot,” Freddie said, after he got his breath back. “Who goes next?”

“I will,” Aidan said. “Freddie, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” Freddie said. “I stopped hiding and lying after I left Nebraska when I was a teenager.”

Aidan knew that wasn’t quite the whole story, but he nodded. “Did you ever have a bad sexual experience in your movies?”

“Nope,” Freddie said definitively. “There used to be this furniture company down the street from the studio, called Badcock, and I always said the only bad cock is no cock at all.”

“That’s all?” Newt said. “No story?”

Freddie shrugged. “He asked for the truth, I gave it to him. Now, Aidan. Truth or dare?”

Aidan thought for a minute. If he said truth, he was sure that Freddie would ask him something about sex with Liam, and Liam wouldn’t like having their sexual secrets spilled. So he said, “Dare.”

Freddie rubbed his hands together. “I was hoping you’d say that. This is going to be good. I’d like a guided tour of your lover’s body from top to toe.”

“Hey, I already had my challenge,” Liam said.

“And you gave Newt a dare that included me. I’m just returning the favor.”

Liam grumbled.

“Come on, sweetheart, stand up and take your clothes off,” Aidan said. “You know you love to show off that body of yours.”

It was true. Liam was a show-off. When they’d lived in a small house in Tunis with an outdoor shower in a courtyard shared with a gay bar, Liam had loved to be naked in front of others. Even here at Freddie’s house, he had taken advantage of the private backyard to do his regular workout in the nude.

He stood up and pulled off his polo shirt, then undid his khaki slacks and let them fall to the ground. He was already barefoot so he was left in only his jockstrap.

“All the way, bud,” Freddie said.

“Let me help,” Aidan said. He stood up, stepped behind Liam, and put his fingers through the waistband of the jock. Slowly and carefully he lowered it over Liam’s dick, which popped out, half-hard. When the jock fell to the floor, Liam stepped out of it.

“I’m going to begin with the sexiest part of Liam’s body,” Aidan said. He pointed to his partner’s head. “His brain.”

“Boo,” Freddie called. “Get to the good stuff.”

“Boo all you want,” Aidan said, as Liam assumed the parade rest position, his feet about ten inches apart, his legs locked, his hands behind his waist. “The brain is the sexiest organ in the body. It doesn’t hurt that it’s encased in such a handsome head, though.” He pointed his way through his partner’s brown eyes, his sharp cheekbones, the dimple at his chin. He even rubbed the back of his hand over Liam’s light stubble.

Liam didn’t move from his position and Aidan wondered if he could force Liam to break that formal position.

“Broad shoulders,” he said, running his hands over them. “Big biceps and triceps, excellently defined pecs. Six-pack abs. Narrow waist. Appropriately groomed pubic hair, penis of a size and girth guaranteed to give pleasure.”

Newt and Freddie both snickered.

“Liam,” Aidan said. “About face.”

Liam touched the toe of his right foot to the ground behind and to the left of his left heel. He pivoted 180 degrees to the right on his left heel and ball of his right foot. Then he returned sharply to the parade rest position.

“Notice the impressive definition of the deltoid muscles,” Aidan said, pointing as if he was a hostess on a game show. “The glutes are a work of art.” He squatted down and gently pried Liam’s ass cheeks apart.

Aidan stuck his index finger into his mouth, getting it good and wet. Here was the test, he thought. Could Liam remain at parade rest with a finger up his ass?

He showed the finger to Newt and Freddie and it glistened in the overhead light. Then he stuck it forcefully up Liam’s ass.

“Whoa!” Liam said. He clenched his butt cheeks around the invading finger, and both Freddie and Newt laughed.

Aidan was happy—he’d gotten Liam to break his position. And he’d also ensured some retribution from Liam later that night, when they were alone.

“And that, gentlemen,” Aidan said, when he stood up, “concludes tonight’s entertainment. See you both in the morning.”

* * * *

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