Truth or Dare? Lynn Chantale’s Takes the Cake

Hello and welcome to a little game of Truth or Dare with the characters from Takes the Cake.

Rules of the game: Players are asked “truth or dare” and must freely choose one. There must be a stated punishment if the players break this rule or refuse to tell truth or take the dare after choosing.

lc_takesthecakeTRUTH OR DARE by Lynn Chantale

A Takes the Cake interlude

Keegan, Liz, Carolyn, David, Sandra and Christian sit at a long rectangular table topped with linen and several covered silver trays.

“Is this a new type of tasting your boss wants us to participate in?” Keegan leaned forward in his chair, then reached for the lid of the nearest platter.

“Please don’t touch that.”

Every eye turns to look at me and a collective groan rises.

“Do we really have to be here for whatever game you’ve got up your sleeve?” David demanded.

“You interrupted my massage with Jerome to be here.” This was from Sandra.

I smile. “It’s a simple, ladies and gentlemen. A game of Truth and Dare.”

Keegan draped an arm along the back of Liz’s chair. “That is so sixth grade.”

Liz stared at Keegan. “I’m game.”

“Seriously?” He shook his head. “You’re ready to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets?”

Liz sat back, smug. “I don’t have any secrets.”

“I’m in,” Sandra said. “I know David has a few secrets I’m dying to learn.”

Christian and Caroline both shook their heads.

“I’d rather not, but I fear Ms. Chantale will not let us leave until we’ve played.”

I grin. “You would be correct, Christian. Now, who would like to go for first?”

“Wait, just a minute,” Liz said. “Aren’t there some sort of rules.”

“Of course. No one can dare anyone to tell the truth. If you decide to accept the dare after choosing truth or vice versa, there will be is a punishment.”

“What’s the punishment?” David asked.

I step aside so they can see a diving board, but nothing else. I then hold up a blindfold. “You take a blind leap of faith.”

An uneasy murmur fills the room before each one nods.

“Good deal. There is a number in front of each of the silver platters. You can either tell the truth or pick one of the numbers as a dare,” I said. “Caroline, let’s begin with you. Ask anyone anything you’d like.”

Caroline nibbled the cuticle on her thumbnail as she studied each person. Finally her gaze landed on Sandra. “Truth or Dare, Sandy?”

Sandra straightened and tossed back her dark brown hair. “Truth.”

“When did you decide David was the one for you?”

Sandra gulped then glanced at the silver platters. “Remember the picnic we all took for your birthday weekend?”

Caroline nodded.

“When you went to take a nap after having too much sun.” Sandra glances at David. “Everything just kinda clicked.”

“I thought it was then,” Caroline murmured.

“Since we’re being so truthful here, “David began. “Truth or Dare, Caroline?”

She giggled. “All right, truth.”

“You and Christian?”

She held his gaze. “Are you sure you really want to know the answer to that?”

“You backing out?”

“Since before we got engaged,” Caroline said in a rush.

“Damn,” Keegan muttered. “I didn’t see that coming.”

“Christian?” David said.

“I’m taking the dare, ‘cause it’s too serious up in here.”

“You sure about that, Christian?” I asked. When he nodded, I waved a hand toward the platters. “Pick a number.”

Christian stood, then walked around the table. He stopped in front of platter number three. I move a small section of dome, so that only he could see what was inside. At his gasp, I laughed.

He glared at me. “You’re one sadistic woman.”

“I know. Bon appetit.”

Christian grimaced, looked over his shoulder at the diving board, then back at the tray in front of him. “Very sadistic.” He grabbed a deep breath, snatched one of the eyeballs from the tray and popped it in his mouth.

The crunch resonated through the room and liquid gushed from the sides of his mouth. He gagged a couple of times. amidst the looks of horror and gasps from the others. A shudder undulated his body and he reached for the bottle of water I held.

“That was truly the most disgusting thing ever.”

“So I’ve been told,” I said. “Who’s next?”

Christian slouched in his seat as Caroline patted his hand. “Is everything that disgusting?”

I smirked. “Accept another dare and find out.”

“No thanks,” Christian said.

“This is Keegan,” Liz said.

He sat up expectantly.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth has got to be better that the alternatives,” Keegan said.

“Did you really believe I had some mystical powers regarding the wedding cakes?”

He blushed. “I still do.”

She shook her head.

“Truth or Dare, Liz?”

She studied him for a long moment. “I’m not sure about what you could ask me and I don’t think I want to take the dare.”

“You could always pick one and if you don’t like it, choose the other and accept the punishment,” I offered.

“A leap of blind faith?”

I nodded.

“Well. I’ll take the dare.”

Keegan chuckled. “Chicken.”

“Pick a number, my dear.” I waved toward the platters.

Liz rounded the table and selected the first one. I opened the small door, and she blanched. “No! Absolutely not!”

Keegan reached the blindfold before I did and he dangled it on his fingertips. “Allow me to do the honors.”

“You are enjoying this way too much,” Liz snapped removing her glasses.

He grinned. “Absolutely.” He tightened the cloth over her eyes and I led her to the diving board.

“I change my mind,” she hollered. The board bounced with each tentative step she took. “I’ll tell the truth.”

“Of course you will. Now be good and jump.”

She stood there a moment, shaking. Every muscle in her body was rigid and she gave no indication that she was going to cooperate. I grabbed my handy dandy person prodder, a long wooden stick with a padded hand on the end and gave her a good nudge. Liz screamed and fell.

She bounced once, then twice before coming to a rest on the trampoline. She snatched off her blindfold, sputtering.

Keegan knelt to one side holding a ring between his thumb and forefinger.

“Truth, Liz. Will you marry me?”

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