Truth or Dare? Jillian Verne’s Masterpiece, a Masters of the Order Novel

Masterpiece by Jillian VerneTRUTH OR DARE by Jillian Verne
a Masters of the Order interlude

Truth or dare, Julianne?


Why had she taken a dare from Nicolai Stavros of all people?

The Big Bad Wolf to her Little Red. The masterful, erotic artist with forbidden tastes. A Master of the Order.

A secretive smile slipped across Julianne’s lips.

Oh, yes. She knew exactly why.

Her seduction had been artful. It began the moment she accepted Nicolai’s dare. It intensified when she untied the red bow on the huge box Nicolai had delivered to her apartment. It spiked when she lifted the lid. High-class slut wear, a hotel room key, and a note that said, Beauty in boldness.

Quite a dare.

Julianne took a last look at her reflection. Midnight-blue corset, lace panties, silk thigh-high stockings, and a pair of velvet stilettos worthy of the highest-priced escort. The selections of a sexual Dominant. Her Dominant.

And the conservative black Burberry trench coat?

Quite a joke.

Julianne shifted her corset to plump her breasts, dabbed her lips with cherry-red gloss, wrapped the revised version of herself in Burberry’s finest, and headed into the unknown.

Even with the coat, all eyes fell on her while she made her way through the elegant lobby of the George V Hotel in Paris. If the doorman hadn’t recognized her, she would have been turned away. No ladies of the night allowed, even ones wrapped in 4,000 euro designer coats. But there would be no turning back. The punishment for not following through with Nicolai’s dare would be far more painful than a few awkward moments in an invisible spotlight.

Julianne held her head high and walked to the elevators. Proud of her boldness and aroused by the decadence of Nicolai’s game. Anticipation thrilled her senses while she slipped the keycard into the lock.

What lay on the other side of the door?

What would the man who summoned a coquette do when she answered his call?

The hotel room was as black as a cave. Pitch black.

Nicolai’s presence filled any space he occupied as if it were an entity separate and distinct from the man, and she felt him inside. Her fingers fumbled for a light switch.

“No light. Step into the room. Lose the coat.”

She took off the coat. Cool air washed over her skin, making her aware of her near-nakedness. She took a careful step forward, unable to see, but frighteningly able to sense the danger looming in the dark.

A beam of blue-white light cut through the blackness to shine directly into her eyes. She couldn’t see Nicolai’s face, only the cufflink glinting at his wrist and his hand–his talented hand–holding a flashlight.

The light dropped to her mouth.

“Blow me a kiss.”

She puckered her glossy lips. “Mwah.

The light ran over the mounds of her breasts, lingered on the silk of her corset, and settled on her crotch.

“Lose the panties.”

Julianne bent and slipped the small piece of silk down her legs. She teetered on one stiletto when she lifted the other, and heard Nicolai chuckle. A contained, arrogant sound. A Dominant’s laugh that touched like a warm hand.

“Are you ready for me?”


Montre-moi.” Show me.

She spread her legs for her voyeur, separated her secret lips, and held them open for the cerulean eyes she couldn’t see. Her clitoris glistened in the beam of light.

Vous touchez.” Touch yourself.

Holding her moist lips aside with two fingers, Julianne began to stroke herself. She felt Nicolai’s gaze on the finger trailing circles over the small piece of slick flesh. It swelled and thickened beneath the slow, velvety touch. She focused her attention on her posture and the finger fluttering at her lover’s command.

A delicious ache sprouted deep within. Constant and intense, the sensation mounted, mounted…

“Stop.” Nicolai’s command was sharp. “Put your hands behind your head.”

With his words, the promise of a luxurious orgasm faded, absorbed by the darkness.

Julianne raised her arms and laced her fingers together at the back of her skull. Nicolai stepped forward and set the flashlight upright on the floor beneath the V of her spread legs to illuminate her naked, needy vagina. He moved behind her, twined his hand roughly into her loose hair, and jerked her head back. The other hand grabbed her wrist.

“Everything tastes better with a hint of spice,” he whispered, brought her finger to his mouth, and sucked her feminine cream off the pad. He replaced her hand at the back of her head, reached down to open her soaked folds, and began to strum his thumb across her clit.

The next few moments were a blur of unadulterated bliss, her entire being consumed by the mastery of Nicolai’s talented hand. He raised her higher and higher still, controlling her arousal, bringing her to the edge, then backing her away to leave her breathless and aching. She bit her lip, but couldn’t hold back the carnal sound as her orgasm crested once again.

“Come without permission. I dare you,” Nicolai threatened.

Julianne’s entire body shuddered with the cruel denial. She squeezed her eyelids tight and tried to meet the challenge to stay off the orgasm while her wicked lover did everything he could to make that extraordinarily difficult. His thumb continued its endless glide. His fist tightened in her hair to turn her head. His mouth closed over hers.

Nicolai kissed her with a passion that bordered on violent and began to touch her more aggressively, finding a rhythm with his stroking. His tongue thrust hard, mimicking the decadent work of his decadent hand, by far the most decadent part of her decadent man.

Her mind swirled, faster and faster. She felt dizzy. Tried to hold back, but…

Mon Dieu. My God.

What Nicolai was doing to her body? The deep kiss. The tug in her hair. The relentless strumming. Her lover in the dark knew the perfect way to pleasure a woman.

Nicolai broke the seal of his lips. “What will I do if you’re bad, my beauty?”

He continued working between her legs.



Demanding the very thing his words denied.

“What am I hiding in the dark?”

Nicolai began to tap his finger over her tiny exposed mound. Tip to tip. Concentrating the sensation. Arousing with minimal contact. The focused touch was alarming; the enormity of its impact, shocking. Each repetition built the intensity.

“Come on, Julianne. Be bad for me. See what will happen,” he tempted.

Nicolai’s dare ricocheted around inside her head, filling her with a blend of fear and determination to obey, but the tone in his voice only pushed her closer to the orgasm his threat sought to deny, and the staccato stimulation was electrifying her entire body. She fought the demand for release, afraid of what awaited her in the dark.

Or wanting it?

“Truth or dare, Julianne?”

The deep masculine rasp, the heated touch, the threat of pain or the promise of pleasure…the mystery.

Oh yes, Julianne knew her truth.

“Dare,” she whispered and came in a rush of powerful spasms.

Nicolai held tight. The haughty voice of a man who knew he had his woman wholly and willingly within his control purred into her ear, “Let the dark game begin.”


Julianne and Nicolai are the protagonists in the upcoming release, Masterpiece, A Masters of the Order Novel by Jillian Verne. Pre-order the novel at: Available on 1/5/16. Find out more about this novel and the next three in the Masters of the Order series at:

Rules of the game: Players are asked “truth or dare” and must freely choose one. There must be a stated punishment if the players break this rule or refuse to tell truth or take the dare after choosing.

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