Truth or Dare? By Invitation Only by Allie Quinn

By Invitation Only | Allie QuinnTruth or Dare? By Invitation Only
an interlude from By Invitation Only by Allie Quinn

By day, Alex is a lawyer, putting away the bad guys who abuse children. A secret admirer has issued her a personal invitation for a night of pure pleasure at the exclusive sex club Midnight Castle. At the Castle, masks are required, and although Alex has been utterly turned on by her new mysterious lover, she knows him only as Raven.

RAVEN:  Now it’s time to play a game.
ALEX: While you certainly used this flogger well earlier, I thought you were done playing for the night.
RAVEN: It’s truth or dare. With one rule—you cannot ask who I am.
ALEX: (laughing) What is this a slumber party? What’s next, spin the bottle?
RAVEN: (giving her his sly grin) We can certainly spin something later. Truth or dare?
ALEX: Truth.
RAVEN:  Are you glad you accepted my invitation?
ALEX: Definitely. Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  Truth.
ALEX:  Are you glad you issued the invitation?
RAVEN:  Absolutely. I’m only sorry I didn’t issue it sooner. Truth or dare?
ALEX:  Truth.
RAVEN:  What part of my body do you like best?
ALEX:  Hmmm. I can only see your eyes behind the mask and I’m always amazed how I feel like you touch me with them. And of course your hands set me on fire. You make me come like no one else ever has with your dick. But if I had to choose just one overall, I’d have to say your lips. I remember when I first walked through the door here and you took my hand, I felt your strength. But I thought—oh, he’s going to kiss me with those lips. And then you did. Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  Dare.
ALEX:  Do something to me you haven’t done yet.
RAVEN:  (rubbing his chin as he thinks). Let’s see, I’ve performed an excellent Shibari…
ALEX:  Hell, yes!
RAVEN:  I should have taken a picture of that…I’ve made you crazy by simply caressing you with my leather flogger. I’ve fucked you on the round table until you screamed. And of course, I’ve kissed you with these lips. Roll over. Close your eyes.
ALEX: (does as he instructs, her anxious breaths sounding loud in the silence that follows).
RAVEN: (waiting to allow her anticipation to reach an all-new high before he slides his hand lovingly over her curvy backside. With her gasp at his touch, he knows she thinks this is what he plans, that he will do something unexpected with that perfect ass of hers. He can almost hear her heart racing. With his hand cupping her nice ass, he leans down and circles his tongue on the back of her left knee).
ALEX:  (squeals with the delightful tickle). You’re a tease.
RAVEN:  (his deep laughter fills the room). Yes, but you already know that about me. Truth or dare?
ALEX:  Truth.
RAVEN:  Are you afraid to try a dare?
ALEX:  Yes. Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  That wasn’t my question.
ALEX: (she tilts her head defiantly). Yes, it was. Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  Truth.
ALEX:  What are you afraid to do with me?
RAVEN:  A threesome.
ALEX:  Why?
RAVEN:  That’s two questions. Truth or dare?
ALEX:  Truth.
RAVEN:  You never touched yourself before you were here with me, did you?
ALEX:  Am I that transparent? Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  Truth.
ALEX:  Why? Why are you afraid of the threesome when everyone in the main hall is making a party of it and looking like they enjoy it?
RAVEN:  I can’t share you. I won’t share you. Truth or dare?
(The seriousness in his reply told her he was no longer playing a game.)
ALEX:  Dare.
RAVEN: (His gaze holds hers with an intensity that is almost frightening). Show me how you touch yourself when you think of me.
ALEX:  (With a hand on each of her breasts, she gently massages herself before she  spends a few seconds squeezing and playing with her nipples. She takes her hands away and meets his gaze, feeling suddenly trapped in his. She is unable to move, hardly able to breathe).
RAVEN:  That’s it?
ALEX:  I’m not as good at it as you are. And you didn’t specify where I needed to touch myself. Truth or dare?
RAVEN:  Dare.
(It is not her imagination at his voice is deeper, almost raw with need.)
ALEX:  I dare you to give up this crazy game and play with me for real. This is a waste of the precious time we get to spend together.
RAVEN:  In here alone, or out in the common room with an audience?
ALEX:  We can start here and slowly work our way out there…

* * * *

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