Three for the Holidays Special Submissions Call

Three for the Holidays Submissions Call from Loose Id

Three for the Holidays Special Submissions Call

Pick any three holidays from October to March and write three interlinked flings (shorter than 20K) or novellas (20K – 35K) about them. It can be continuing characters or the same world. Length from 16000 up. At the end of the last novellas we will take your individually released flings/ novellas and bundle them into one.

Q & A

Okay to share?

Yes! Yes! Yes! 

What genres are accepted?

Any — although readers sometimes really dislike having mix and match genres in a series so we’d suggest sticking to one genre (don’t suddenly switch to paranormal in what appeared to be pure contemporary unless there were hints of the paranormal coming earlier, for example. Readers generally don’t like mixing het and LGBT either, but we’re less fussed about that).

Will all three stories be due at the same time, or is each subsequent story due at the three-month cutoff for whichever holiday they choose?

The first two must ready at the same time and the other fully outlined or otherwise clearly ready to be written — or we could end up with no series.

How to:

Send a partial of the first story, synopsis of the first and a series outline to if you are a new to us author and have the subject line marked “Three for the Holidays special submissions call” or send to your usual editor if you are a LI author.

In the body of your email state:
your name, pen name, contact email, and previous publishing history if any
if you have an agent, their name and contact information
the proposed name, expected length, genre, a brief description of your story, and the name of the submissions call.

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