The Love Shack 1: Blake’s Home – Gay Romance Lit Con

Gay Rom Lit and Blake’s Home…



I’m attending my first Gay Rom Lit this year. The best part was Loose Id is one of the con sponsors! I happened to be working on an M/M rancher/ shifter story (that had been giving me fits in the first draft). As sort of a motivational move to finish it…I asked my Loose Id editor if it might be possible to get that story released in time for/ around GRL!

The response was positive and the deadline motivation worked!

I love this story and planned out two more—always a good sign. Everyone did their part and the cover even got done extra early so I could order promotional material (getting good cover art early is like heaven! You can shop the sales, buy promo that works, and avoid shipping stress or extra charges!).

So Blake’s Home (Love Shack 1) will release Oct 14th (the day before I arrive at GRL). A big thanks to everyone at Loose Id who pitched in to make sure it happened on time!

For GRL…I have postcards to hand out, of course. It’s an ebook…lol.

I also have 2015 magnet calendars with the gorgeous cover (by Valerie Tibbs).

Plus, I’ll be passing out these handy manicure kits.

If you’re going to the con…find me. You want one of these!

If you hit my area in the swag zone…grab a ruler and a tri-color pen as well!

At the con or not, please check out the Love Shack Oct 14th!

If you like Blake’s Home, Hank and Frankie’s story is next… (Yes, lol…my beta reader has already dubbed that pair “Hankie”. In my defense, they weren’t a planned pair when I named them!).

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