Special Submissions Call: “Gee, I Really Love You and We’re…”


“Gee, I Really Love You and We’re…”

You know what comes next, and so, apparently, does the Supreme Court of the United States. Congratulations to our gay and lesbian friends! We couldn’t be happier, and we’d like to celebrate.

Want to help?

Send us your gay and lesbian, trans and queer marriage romances! They can be any genre—contemporary, paranormal, sci fi, suspense, comedy, western—as long as a gay, lesbian, trans or queer couple gets married (or decides not to get married) in it.

Who: YOU!
What: a gay, lesbian, trans, queer marriage story of 20,000 words and up.
When: As soon as possible and ongoing. Earlier submissions will be given priority.
Where: Loose Id
Why: to celebrate equal marriage rights!
How: Follow the Special Submissions Guidelines and put “Gonna Get Married” in the subject line.

Special call for current Loose Id authors:

Do you have a gay, lesbian, trans or queer romance where the couple hasn’t gotten married? Well, send them to the chapel! Or the park, or the cruise ship, or their favorite restaurant, or wherever… write a short story, a fling, a novella, or a novel all about it. If it’s too short to sell, we’ll offer it for free with your story. If it’s long enough, we’ll offer it for sale.

Thrilled the Supreme Court did the right thing? Celebrate with Loose Id!

(For more information, see Loose Id’s Submissions Guidelines.)

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