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His Second Chance | Stephanie LakeHello readers,

I tracked down the Viscount Torring (aka – Randall) in his stables today, because I wanted to find out how he and Lieutenant David Wedgewood have fared since the nuptials.  By this, of course I mean Randall’s wedding to Prudence, David’s sister.

What?  You didn’t hear about the wedding?  Oh, then you must read His Second Chance to catch up on the latest gossip!

But I digress… What you really want to know is what Randall said when I asked him, “How is your sex life since the wedding?”

He replied with his typical big broad grin, then brushed a lock of disheveled blond hair from his eyes and gave me this response.  “Good God, Ms. Lake.  I am so happy.  My sex life has never been better.”  Randall laughed, throwing one brawny arm on a stable door.  “In fact, my entire existence could not be better.  Just the other day, David came home with a length of—”

“Randall!  What are you doing?  Who are you telling… Oh, hello Ms. Lake,” David said on a sigh.  He walked over to his lover with a strong, athletic stride.  His gleaming black hair was endearingly disarrayed from his ride across the countryside.  “Have we not already given you enough fodder for your tabloid publication? Have compassion, dear woman, and let us alone.”

Randall gave me his brightest smile.  “Dear Ms. Lake, I do believe our interview must end now.  I have a dear friend who obviously needs buggering.”


The last thing I heard from the two was Randall’s hearty laugh as he led his lover away.

As I left the stables, I caught a glimpse of a feisty young woman with black hair running and giggling through a fruit orchard.  Her lavender dress would be quite ruined by the end of the day, I feared.  Chasing closely behind was a rather strapping looking footman.  Seems to me, that Pru is enjoying being married as well.

Dear reader, I did not receive a very articulate interview from the Georgian lovers, but it was quite informative nonetheless.  Hope you enjoyed learning that David and Randall are quite happy since the wedding.

Best regards,
Stephanie Lake

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2 thoughts on “His Second Chance — Dear Reader

  1. What a curious lady you are, Ms.Lake! lol
    Thank you for your wonderful abilities to follow up on current events and to supply the local gossip column with abundance of juicy details 😀

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