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The Numbers Always Add Up
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Remy Bard, reporter

In our town, there are so many wonderful businesses. Places to shop, to eat and to take a break. There is also a place where you can get the numbers to add up just fine. Maybe you’ve never thought about your financial situation. You probably should. What if you’d like to buy a house? Maybe invest a few dollars? Or what if you’re just interested in making sure all of your accounts balance? Then you’ll want to visit R. Gagnon, CPA.

R. Gagnon got his start twelve years ago during college. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew it would involve math. Enter a couple of roommates who wanted help with the budget—they sparked his desire to become an accountant. Now he’s an accredited Certified Public Accountant and has won awards for his public service work as well as achievement in the area of accounting. He’s also a member of the Cedarwood Chamber of Commerce.

At his new office located on West Avenue, a block south of the square, R. Gagnon will help you get your financials in order. It might not seem glamorous to work on numbers and figures. R. Gagnon will tell you some of what he does isn’t terribly exciting, but for him it’s the thrill of the chase. The excitement of putting the puzzle—numbers being the pieces—in order until it all lines up.

“You’d be surprised what you can learn in numbers. Corporations have been brought down by shoddy accounting. Al Capone was brought down by an accountant who followed the money trail and learned he hadn’t paid his taxes,” says Gagnon. “It doesn’t look exciting, but if you’re interested in puzzles and love numbers, then accounting might be a great job for you.”

R. Gagnon isn’t just a numbers jockey. He’s a parent volunteer for the Cedarwood Cross Country team as well as the Torpedoes Swim team over at the Metro Parks. He’s also a member of Make Cedarwood Great Together, the group tasked with getting our great community to come together and accept our differences.

Are you in need of financial advice? Then come into his spacious office. Everyone welcome and he’ll help get you sorted out.

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Remy Bard has worked in the video and print media for the last twelve years. He’s earned the excellence in reporting award in print and visual media. Contact him at The Cedarwood Tribune.

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