New Releases: Week of September 28, 2015

Lucky in Red: Dos Lunas | Belinda McBride

Lucky in Red: Dos Lunas

He’s a successful businessman, has a hot girlfriend and drives a nice truck. But all the trappings of a good life are little more than a lie. Underneath, there’s a void big enough to drive his truck right through. Something’s broken inside Diego until Victoria Talbot walks into Tres Lobos dry cleaners, bearing a gorgeous dress and a dominant attitude.

Victoria isn’t quite what she seems. Her icy blond appearance masks the heart of a skilled Domme. Her job at the library hides the true reason she’s in Sleeping Dog, Texas. In a move that will either make or break her flagging career, Victoria is chasing down rumors of werewolves in town, and she’s pretty sure those rumors are true.

Unfortunately, all the clues lead to roguish Diego Lobos. Everything about the man puts him firmly off limits, but somehow, he captures her with his wild nature and titillates her with hints of a submissive streak that’s just too alluring to ignore.

A night of play is a bad idea, but it’s just too good to resist. Because sometimes the bad ideas turn out to be the best ideas of all.

Angel and the Assassin 4: Reckoning | Fyn Alexander

Angel and the Assassin 4: Reckoning

Kael Saunders, MI6 specialist operative and leather Daddy, has been living with Angel Button, his sub, for two years in a loving D/s relationship. Angel has been waiting for the time when he too can join MI6, knowing that his sniper skills make him a valuable asset to the organization. Kael loves to kill, it gives him an adrenalin rush, but Angel is certain his Daddy only eliminates those who pose a threat to national security, which is what Angel wants to do. Naive and idealistic, Angel wants to make the world a better place.

Angel’s beliefs are sorely tested a few days later, leaving him unsure if he wants to be an MI6 agent after all. When Kael is given an assignment in Cornwall, he takes Angel with him so they can have a weekend away. Angel finds out about the mission and the target and is left wondering if his Daddy is really the hero Angel thinks he is, placing their relationship in jeopardy.

The Luck of Love | Serena Akeroyd

The Luck of Love

With a covert deployment beckoning, Luke Gray is certain death is near. The sandbox has been kind to him in the past, but sure his luck has run out, Luke starts to pull away from his nearest and dearest—lovers, Josh and Gia.

As a Brigadier General, Josh isn’t at home as much as he’d like, and living in an unusual relationship makes his baby girl ripe for bullying. Coming face to face with prejudice is nothing new, but having to deal with his sins being visited upon his daughter is another thing entirely.

Hiding the fact she’s a bestselling gay romance author from her lovers makes life a little unusual for Gia, but she’s living a dream—she’s the stuffing in a bisexual relationship between two of the strongest men she’s ever known.

When news of Luke’s deployment breaks, when the aftermath of her daughter’s bullying hits home, all Gia can do is regroup and protect the unorthodox family she’s helped to create. In this case, a glass slipper won’t work any magic, but a gold ring holds promises Luke desperately needs. Will a wedding save their small unit or will it be the tipping point?

Roping Him In | Jena Wade

Roping Him In

Lucas and Jason have been roping partners for five years and this year, together, they are going to win it all. Nothing is going to stop them.

One night of passion puts a road block in Jason’s plans to win the title. A title he desperately needed. Lucas never dreamed Jason would still want to ride with him after their night together. They could compete together, but rules needed to be set to protect his heart.

Then again, rules were meant to be broken.

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