New Releases: Week of September 15, 2015

The Hawaiians 2: Hawaiian Orchid

The Hawaiians 2: Hawaiian Orchid

Kulani Mahikoa is “The Orchid,” a young, insecure, pro surfer from a rough background on the Big Island of Hawai’i. He’s Beau Toyama’s cousin from Hawaiian Lei and a healer with a heart as deep as the ocean he’s part of. Like many of the great Hawaiians, Kulani epitomizes the spirit of aloha and love. Kulani’s healing his own wounds, and “The Lost Boys”—young, homeless abandoned and abused gay boys he cares for.

He meets the lone and lonely New Zealand widower, Rob Masterson—a wounded psychologist who’s trying to come to terms with his husband’s death. When he died, they were separated but still living together. Rob needs to reconcile all the pieces of guilt and love, to heal before he can fall in love again.

The age difference raises one barrier, and besides that Kulani has more layers than Rob, with his own New Zealand heritage and tangled knot of emotion, ever bargained for. Traveling between the South Sea Islands of beautiful New Zealand and the exotic Hawaiian Islands, they forge a bond—two wounded men find a home for their shrapnel-laced souls.

Love Me Harder | Remmy Duchene

Love Me Harder

Life hasn’t been perfect for Mathew Chance. Between not knowing who his parents are, and being bounced from foster home to foster home, he’s had to work for everything in his life.  But lately, he seems to be overdoing it. With two jobs that barely give him time to breathe, love is the last thing on his mind. He doesn’t know whether to bless fate or curse it for shoving Asher Mulgrew right into his path.

Wealthy divorce lawyer Asher Mulgrew has it all worked out. From a successful practice to a supportive sister and a fantastic niece, life is good. But he’s lonely. Though he’s not actively searching for a man, he isn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth when he meets bartender, Mathew Chance. Mathew has a wall built around his heart and Asher isn’t sure he can break through even if he wants to.

Taken by Ezra | Caroline Peterka

Taken by Ezra

Lanee Connors is used to living vicariously through her friend, Claudia, but when she meets club owner and Adonis, Ezra Lanphear, that’s suddenly not enough. He makes her heart beat like a sledgehammer and makes her want to believe anything is possible.

Ezra wants to give her everything, but it’s going to be a long road. When she was 18, Lanee was attacked while on vacation. Then she lost her father to his suicide. Lanee’s locked down around her pain. She wants to have normal life and a good relationship, to have all of the things she’s shared with Claudia, but she’s terrified of getting hurt again.

She’s trying to be normal, but Ezra wants to help her heal from the inside out.

Hold Tight | Lise Horton

Hold Tight

Eden Grant craves a life of intense experience. She yearns for the breathtaking man who makes her heart beat fast. The dominant male who can unleash the dark passions she is desperate to explore. Fate offers up the chance encounter that tempts Eden to brave a walk on that wild side.

“Live life at its richest and most raw” is Hud Crockett’s credo. And when he meets kink-curious Eden Grant, she is the submissive of his unbridled dreams. Together they embrace their wicked desires, fanning the flames of lust to orgasmic heights.

But an introduction to carnal pleasures leads to emotions that cannot be shackled by expectations, or tamed by conventions. The conventions, and complications, that may destroy their fragile love. Eden will do battle for her Dom, but can she overcome the darkness of his past torments? One last contest will decide the victor. Society is the referee. The opponent is Hud’s past. Hud has fame, fortune and power, but he will risk it all as the clock runs down in the most important game of his life: the contest to win Eden’s heart.

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