New Releases: Week of May 19, 2015

Clan McKinloch 5: Roses, Rallys, and BBQ | Kaitlin Maitland

Clan McKinloch 5: Roses, Rallys, and BBQ

Ossian McKinloch is the quintessential big brother who has all the answers, all the time. He considers himself the confirmed bachelor of Clan McKinloch until Jax Bequette stumbles into Oz’s pub and shakes things up. Now Oz is having trouble keeping things casual. Who can resist a guy like Jax who is the perfect mix of fun, masculine, and sexy as hell?

Jax Bequette has never been comfortable in his own skin. Raising his younger sister after their parents’ death gave Jax no time to explore his sexuality. When his friendship with Ossian McKinloch slides into something more, Jax is ready to explore what he’s been missing. The chemistry is combustible, but Jax is almost afraid to believe that he could ever be enough to tame a free spirit like Ossian.


A Sexy Space Opera (with Vampires) | Madeleine Oh

A Sexy Space Opera (with Vampires)

Rand Farrar hires a vampire, Drak Varna, as body guard as protection from bounty hunters, never expecting to become a vampire himself in the process. Now the two vampires need willing human donors so they hire Ferda Wallace, a veteran navigator and pilot who has other talents and connections. Ferda proves to be a valuable crew member, even if she does convince them, despite Rand’s misgivings to risk the ship and themselves to break a blockade on a pioneer planet.

From there the trio embark on a series of galactic adventures, ferrying cargoes, avoiding pirate attacks, acquiring a succession of additional crew members/donors, reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances and always avoiding the steadfast and determine bounty hunters who seem hellbent on pursuing Rand across the galaxy… Will nothing convince them to stop their relentless pursuit?

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been substantially revised and re-edited in this version.


The Secret Art of Failure 3: Servant for the Present | HB Kurtzwilde

The Secret Art of Failure 3: Servant for the Future

As the Servitors strive to end their hellish Time of Waiting, they must choose what is to come for themselves and their students.

Gun-slinging monk Kourt Crowe, is a master of secrets, including Assassination, Hunt, and Trigger; he’s also a fan of rock music, a gourmand, and an accomplished gardener–not to mention being a sexy alien shape-shifter, who loves sex in all its forms. His student and lover Kato Giavanni, self-described five-star hottie, is a badass hacker and psychic spy on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

Once again stand together to protect their Fellowship. With their love stronger than ever, a bond tempered by pleasure and pain forming the foundation of their defenses, they are prepared to defeat any enemy. But with the youngest generation of their College to watch over, and threats from within the Fellowship itself, they seemed destined once more to fail.

Though they have no hope of success, they gather their brothers in a new kind of battle: restoring peace to the Fellowship itself. By reviving long-lost arts and seeking out knowledge long assumed lost, they themselves threaten the very peace they hope to create. They unsettle the compromises that have crippled the traditions of their Fellowship. But in this moment of chaos, the opportunity arises to forge a family that is intended to endure–but it has to begin with them.


Tuscan Seduction | Samantha Cote

Tuscan Seduction

It never occurs to high school teacher Isabella Barone that her secretive neighbor is a runaway Italian grandma with a smoking-hot grandson in pursuit. When Italian businessman Marco Di Stefani shows up in New York to reclaim his beloved nonna, he immediately sets out to seduce the luscious schoolmarm who took care of her in his absence.

After surviving a nasty breakup, Isabella’s a little gun-shy about men. Marco’s the ultimate alpha, though—he’s staked his claim on Isabella and wants her in his bed. Now. But after a rapturous night in his arms, Isabella’s sure she’s nothing more than a one-night stand to this powerful, wealthy man.

When Marco invites Isabella on an all-expense-paid summer vacation to Italy as an honored guest at his Tuscan villa, she’s flattered but a bit wary. Is he only looking for a repeat of their night of passion? Or is he taking his chances on a fiercely independent, high-spirited woman who brings out his hot-blooded, possessive nature?

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been substantially revised and re-edited in this version.

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