New Releases: Week of March 29, 2016

Puma's Mate | Vonna Harper

Puma’s Mate

Fight for freedom! Resist!

From the moment the powerful warrior from an enemy clan captures Luann of the Deer Clan those things become her goal. She had no choice but to come to Puma Mountain. So as long as she lives, she’ll put her people’s survival before her own life.

But Ber, Beast Master of the Puma Clan has no intention of releasing his beautiful captive. Her strength is no match for his. He will win this one-sided battle and force the truth from her.

That is, if he can resist his physical desires…or get her to give in to hers.

But they aren’t alone. The massive puma who is Ber’s soul mate wants Luann out of Ber’s life, and the predator will do whatever it takes.

Eternal Soulmate | India Masters

Eternal Soulmate

Vampire Noah Lazarus, has met his eternal soulmate, but there’s a problem. Not only does Olivia Shepherd possess an independent streak a mile wide, she has serious commitment issues. Add to that the fact that Noah and his brother, Ian, are under constant threat from a secretive organization whose ultimate goal is nothing short of the complete destruction of his unique species—now is really not the time for this.

Despite the danger, the attraction between the lovers grows quickly and the sex is positively volcanic. When Olivia finally agrees to feed Noah, the die is cast. She becomes The Sentinel’s primary target in a battle for survival that crosses not only oceans but centuries of tradition.

  • Note: This book was previously released by another company. It has been revised and reedited in this version.

Have Body, Will Guard 8: A Cold Wind | Neil Plakcy

Have Body, Will Guard 8: A Cold Wind

Now that he’s been forced out of the closet and moved to Monaco, retired Russian oligarch Slava Vishinev longs for a sexy new life. An assassination attempt forces him to hire bodyguards Aidan and Liam to protect him. But can they keep him alive long enough to engineer a romance between him and their sad, handsome neighbor, still pining for his late lover?

Vampire Territory 6: Last Call | Allie Ritch

Vampire Territory 6: Last Call

Victor Rafe is built for war, not love. He has sworn to fight for Alex and Lucas—the master vampires he serves—but this battle is personal. Taspar Tong murdered his human family long ago, and now the Eastern vampire is plotting to take over Lucas’s territory. All Victor can think about is revenge…until a certain vampiress distracts him.

Cierra refuses to play the fool for any man, even for the sexy warrior who makes her long for his kiss. She wants Taspar dead as much as anyone, but she won’t sit back and watch vengeance destroy Victor. The stubborn vampire is willing to fight for everything else. Why won’t he fight for her?

Get caught up in the exciting finale to Allie Ritch’s Vampire Territory series and find out who is left standing when the battle ends.

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