New Releases: Week of July 7, 2015

Bondage Ranch 7: An Expert in Domination | Sindra van Yssel

Bondage Ranch 7: An Expert in Domination

Sophia comes to Bondage Ranch to get naked and dance around the bonfire, and maybe hook up with a guy. She wants a weekend of sensual fun before going back to her life as a single mom. What happens at Bondage Ranch, stays at Bondage Ranch, right?

But then she meets Colby Brock. Colby’s not the dance around the bonfire type. He’s a minor celebrity, an expert at BDSM and author of multiple books on the subject. Sophia never thought leather and whips and the like were for her, but she ends up being volunteered to be Colby’s demo bottom, and then he invites her to explore further. Soon, she finds Colby’s dominance addictive, and she’s torn between wanting more, and wanting to stop before she gets hooked.

Men of Sanctuary 6: Saving Nico | Danica St. Como

Men of Sanctuary 6: Saving Nico

After Marine scout sniper Niccolo Ferrari lost his best buddy, spotter Pietro “Pete” Galletti, to an Iraqi sniper gunning for the bounty on Nico’s head, he goes solo to avoid any more collateral damage. Though he becomes one of the most dangerous snipers in the Corps, Nico’s harrowing experiences leave him psychologically bruised and battered. He comes to the Sanctuary military training camp to decompress, to regain his confidence—and his humanity.

At Sanctuary’s front door, he comes face to face with Game Warden Abigail O’Connell; the shock nearly stops his heart. He knows her features like the back of his own hand—she was Pete’s fiancée, the woman in Pete’s photos, the woman whom Nico fell for from a distance, who he’s lusted after in silence for years.

Abigail swore off men, yet she can’t deny the immediate heat, the unwanted sexual attraction to the emotionally damaged Marine. Nico can’t tell her that he’s her dead fiance’s best friend. How can he when the urge to take her to his bed, to slide into her body, to stay there forever, is all consuming? If he tells her, he’ll lose her; if he doesn’t, their growing love is a lie.

Northwest of Normal | Laura Gomez

Northwest of Normal

On a solo road trip home from college, Ben wakes up to find his car stolen, with him still lying in the backseat. Driving his car are two redneck brothers on the run from the police; Randall – a terrifying thug with a gun, and his little brother Murphy – a sinfully beautiful man with the bluest eyes Ben’s ever seen.

Being captured by a killer wasn’t part of Ben’s plan. Nor was falling for Murphy. His tough exterior hides someone sweet, vulnerable, and dangerously sexy. But this redneck can’t be gay, can he?

Tied to Murphy with his wrists bound, forced to share a motel room and even a bed night after night, Ben’s not sure he wants to escape anymore. He and Murphy slowly turn from enemies to secret lovers. Secret being the operative word. If Randall finds out he’ll kill them both.

But it’s hard for Ben to keep quiet when he’s having the most amazing sex of his life with the man who might just be his one true love.

Undercover Lover | Lissa Trevor

Undercover Lover

Psychologist and Reiki practitioner Pamela Krupin does not need to get involved with the slick, sexy, police detective—but oh dear, does she want to. She’s got enough on her plate having to avoid the thugs the Russian mob is sending after her because they think one of her clients told her secrets about their organization. But when her client dies and they think he might have given her something worth killing for, the heat is most definitely on.

Drake Logan, police detective and undercover vagrant, has his eye on the luscious doctor his godfather is going to for Reiki sessions. She’s in danger and his godfather wants her protected. When he’s murdered, Drake vows to find the killer and hopes that Pamela isn’t involved because he’s starting to fall for her.

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been substantially revised and re-edited for this version.

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