New Releases: Week of July 27, 2015

Dragons Don't Bite in RPGs | Nina S. Gooden

Dragons Don’t Bite in RPGs

Ian McAdams has spent his entire life developing a game that is finally getting picked up by an international distributor. Unfortunately, the celebration is brought to a violent end when he wakes up with a hangover from hell and a strange tattoo—the mark of the Yellow Dragon.

Ian is kidnapped by the mysterious—and devastatingly gorgeous—Huojin, a dragon in the middle of a celestial war that Ian is officially a pawn of. All Ian wants to do is get back to his tabletops but with dog-demons and flying hands lined up to destroy him, his best bet is with melts-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands Huojin.

Huojin wants nothing to do with the human who seems to have tapped into the Yellow Dragon’s power. The human makes Huojin burn with thoughts he has no right to have—not with the blood on his hands.

Ian will have to brave the kind of danger that could leave someone at the bottom of a river in order to get his life back to normal. But after spending time with the troubled Huojin, he might just find that there are some pleasures worth the bruises.

Geek Pack 1: Alpha Coder | Kathryn Sparrow

Geek Pack 1: Alpha Coder

As the second son, Liam Reed never expected to be a werewolf Alpha. He preferred to develop software for Soft Corp, but when his brother Jason died in a car accident, their father forced Liam to assume leadership of the pack. Liam plans to govern with compassion, instead of ruling through fear, but pack member Bradley Karr undermines Liam’s leadership, biding his time before challenging for Alpha. Tired of pack politics, all Liam wants is to program and find his mate, but he fears that neither is in his future.

When his mate, werewolf Cody Jones, starts working at Soft Corp as Liam’s intern, sparks fly. However, a relationship with Cody could get them both fired for fraternization. And, that’s not the worst problem. Cody doesn’t seem to accept Liam as his mate.

Liam’s only chance at happiness is to win Cody over while keeping their relationship a secret. But really, Cody would never stay with an introverted geek like him, an ineffectual Alpha failing to live up to his brother’s legacy. Would he?

Immortal Sins | Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Immortal Sins

Olen Clark is a nighttime security guard at the Houston Museum of Natural History, tormented by a dark past and painfully alone. His beauty and secrets attract the notice of an ancient vampire, Lysander of Sparta–known to Olen as Ander, who enters Olen’s world under a shroud of mystery and captures the spiritually wounded Olen’s imagination. Starry-eyed, with visions of pop culture vampire love filling his head, Olen takes the ultimate risk for love only to discover unlife is nothing like he imagined.

Rather than becoming Ander’s lover, he’s reborn into a cruel vampiric family with sibling rivalry and dangerous lusts beyond his worst fears. With his love for Ander unchanged but his maker keeping him at arm’s length, can Olen make peace with his new brothers and sisters and discover a way to win back the master vampire who still holds his heart? And how far is Olen willing to go to make Ander his and his alone?

Single Father Society 2: Ripples in Cedarwood | Megan Slayer

Single Father Society 2: Ripples in Cedarwood

Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants love and passion, but who wants to date a guy with a family?

Farin Baker believed love wasn’t in his cards—until he takes his nephew to swimming lessons. One glance at the water-slicked hunk teaching the class has him thinking about jumping into the dating pool again. He’s ready for a fresh start with a hot guy for his bed.

Will they find heat between the sheets or will the guardianship situations cool their ardor?

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