New Releases: Week of July 13, 2015

Evangeline of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story | Belinda McBride

Evangeline of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story

This isn’t what she came here for!

Pursued by a group of mysterious hunters, Evangeline Jones is desperate for sanctuary when she ducks into the doorway of Dark Haven. Instead of safety, she discovers a decadent, sensual world that challenges her entire outlook on life. (And sex.)

Harte Sommers is charmed by the little wolf with the pink streak in her ebony hair. As Alpha of the Napa pack, he sometimes feels that he’s alone at the top and he can’t indulge his deepest needs. When he meets Eva, he knows he might not be able to keep this wild little wolf at his side, but his heart tells him that his lonely days might be at an end.

  • Note:Evangeline of Dark Haven was previously published in the Doms of Dark Haven anthology.

Suspended Game | Roz Lee

Suspended Game

After five years spent proving his innocence in a gambling scheme, Jimmy Doyle Walker is back on the field for the Washington Diplomats. Given one season to demonstrate he can still contribute to the team, he guards his secrets well, knowing exposure of his unorthodox sex life would create a career-ending scandal. When he meets Evelyn Gardner, she tests his resolve, and he risks everything to show her the delights to be found in his arms.

Living day-to-day as a switchboard operator, Evelyn Gardner loathes the sexual cravings that cost her the home and family she’d always dreamed of. When she meets Jimmy Doyle Walker, the sexy first baseman for the Washington Diplomats, at a church revival meeting, he challenges her beliefs and her expectations. Determinedly, he seduces her through erotic letters, sensual gifts, and sexual play, until she dares dream she can have satisfaction and respectability.

Too bad her father, the preacher, seems set on ruining not only their reputations but also their lives.

The Commander's Club | Honey Jans

The Commander’s Club

Poor little rich girl, Cassandra J. Fox is a tabloid journalist on a mission–to avenge her parents. The man she holds responsible for their deaths, Senator Stringfellow, has thus far escaped her attempts to expose his dirty deeds. Now she has the tip of a lifetime: he keeps a secret office inside The Commanders Club, a Chicago BDSM club and training facility. All she has to do to get the goods on him is to sign up as a submissive. The only problem is she’s a virgin.

Undercover FBI Special Agent Ty Dragon is shocked to see the snoopy socialite-turned-tabloid reporter assigned to be his submissive trainee. The only thing saving her neck and his mission is that the mobsters running the club don’t recognize her. He plans to keep it that way while setting up the Club’s implosion. It’s not like topping the feisty little honey is a hardship.

Cassandra makes a deal: she’ll stay and pretend to be the perfect little submissive as long as he helps her get the proof she’s looked for half her life. Ty agrees, humoring her to protect her, but he’s later surprised to learn her suspicions to be well founded. But will he act on them in time to save the redhead reporter who has stolen his heart?

  • Note:The Commander’s Club was previously released by another publisher but has been substantially revised and reedited in this version.

Faire Diviner | Madeleine Ribbon

Faire Diviner

Rosewood, the magical Renaissance Faire’s psychic and one of the business partners, has been single for over ten years—ever since he accidentally revealed his psychic abilities to the love of his life and lost him. He has devoted himself to the Faire and the magic within ever since. The last thing he expects when hiring a new business manager is for Oscar—the “one who got away”—to walk back into his life as the most qualified applicant.

While Rosewood tries to deal with Oscar as his new business partner, his abilities start going haywire. He senses danger coming, and it’s somehow tied to Oscar’s dark past. They will have to work together to recover Rosewood’s abilities, help Oscar heal, and save the Faire itself.

And if they can do that, then maybe, possibly, the “one who got away” will become his greatest catch.

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