New Releases: Week of February 3, 2015

Warriors of Ryon: Bayden | SK Yule

Warriors of Ryon: Bayden

After Bayden rescues Ellie from Earth and takes her to Ryon, she awakens desires inside him he thought he’d suppressed long ago. When casual touches lead to heated kisses and bold caresses, he wants nothing more than to make love to Ellie. However, past experiences have taught him that happily ever after is not for someone like him.

While Ellie is overwhelmed after being taken to another planet, she can’t ignore the way her body tingles and her heart flutters when she’s around Bayden. She is more than receptive to the huge warrior’s touch but is dismayed when he repeatedly resists having sex with her.

After a misunderstanding, Bayden’s trust in Ellie is tested. While she admits she made a mistake, she cannot understand his harsh reaction until she discovers his abusive past. Will her oversight mixed with Bayden’s volatile past be the perfect recipe to cause the demise of their newly blossoming love? Can she find a way to show him that he is good enough for her and that they have a love that can survive anything before he turns his back on her?


Love: Universal | Dawn Flemington

Love: Universal

John Russell, a UFOlogist, comes home for a much needed break, only to find his ex-lover Adien Kaper has moved in next door. They made a perfect couple except one thing: Adien doesn’t believe in UFOs or extraterrestrials.

After spotting a meteor shower, John goes to investigate, only to find a dark crystal. Later, that same crystal produces an alien who is looking for Adien. It seems Adien is needed back home on Xulpath as soon as possible.

But Adien doesn’t believe he’s an alien and he doesn’t want to go.

After Adien’s memory block wears off and he accepts who he is, trouble starts brewing. The government gets wind that there are aliens around and they want the aliens. John, with the help of his grandmother and Dr. Kolbi, try to help the aliens get back home.

The thing is, John really doesn’t want Adien to leave without him.


Clockwork Pirate | Lyn Gala

Clockwork Pirate

Alex hid his unnatural attraction to men for many years. That changes when the pirate Beche takes Alex after capturing his ship. At first Alex believes his fate is death and the only question a matter of how he might die. However, the longer he is on the ship, the more he realizes that Beche hates the world because it is unfair in ways Alex never understood. As Alex begins to respect this strong, independent man, Alex’s dormant desires begin to reassert themselves.

Beche hates the titled classes and their government enforcers. They might have outlawed slavery on paper, but they never came to the islands to free him or his family. Since his skin is black, society has little respect for him. Beche expects no more of this latest captive, but soon Beche begins to realize that Alex is a naïve and beautiful man who values family and struggles with his own place in society. That poses an even larger problem because Beche does not want to send Alex back to a world that will mistreat him, but he has no place for a lord on a ship full of pirates.


Can't Drag Me Down 3: Stepping Stone Not Doormat | Kaitlin Maitland

Can’t Drag Me Down 3: Stepping Stone Not Doormat

Fifteen years ago in Los Angeles, a man named Charlie lost everything in his life to drug and burglary charges. Everything including his lover Navon, who was unable to accept Charlie’s actions.

Nine years ago, after building a drag career that included TV appearances and international travel, Charlie left his entire life behind to escape his abusive boyfriend Mason, and started anew in Boston as club queen Solara Flare. Going by stage name and female pronouns, Solara has taken every step possible to prevent Mason–or anyone else from her former life–from finding her.

Now, Navon has tracked Solara down in the wake of Mason’s death to return something Mason had kept, and to apologize for abandoning her after her arrest. Fifteen years hasn’t dulled their sexual attraction to each other, but the memories brought up by Navon’s appearance are almost more than Solara can stand. And no matter how much she wants to give Navon the second chance he asks for, Solara doesn’t know whether she can move beyond the past.

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