New Releases: Week of February 17, 2015

Death by Dragon | Madeleine Ribbon

Death by Dragon

Madeleine Ribbon

  • Length:Novel
  • ISBN:978-1-62300-749-2
  • Genre:Vampires , LGBTTQ, Fantasy & Paranormal, Shapeshifters
  • Cover Artist: Syneca Featherstone
  • Price: $6.99

Fell Harwick, half-incubus and witch extraordinaire, knows how he’ll die. Ever since he was a child, he’s had visions of a dragon tearing him to pieces. Since he’s not terribly fond of the idea—and the power-hungry vampire that killed his mother is now after him for his unprecedented healing abilities—he’s gone into hiding. But when a pair of shifters get shot in front of his cabin in the woods, he feels obligated to keep them safe.

Jett and Theodore are members of the local resistance, fighting against the same vamp that wants Fell. Theodore is a beautiful, tragic mess, and Jett hates all incubi on principle—something Fell finds out as he tries to take energy to power his healing magic.

Jett and Fell might have been able to work around one paranormal prejudice. Jett even encourages Fell into sex with Theodore when he needs energy. But then Fell discovers that his future killer has been sleeping on his couch.


Men of Sancturary 5: Aloha Man | Danica St. Como

Men of Sanctuary 5: Aloha Man

Danica St. Como

Hawaiian demolitions expert Kamaka decides to take charge of his life, and spends a long winter at Sanctuary paramilitary training camp revamping himself from soft and mellow to hard bodied and focused. When Kamaka is introduced to exquisite Navajo silversmith Zachariah Black Crow, his heart damn near stops and his libido kicks into overdrive. Kamaka is convinced the Island gods have bestowed upon him the greatest gift the earth has to offer—all Kamaka needs to do is convince the younger, over-the-top handsome man to come to his bed. Freely. Willingly. Naked.

Zach, shy and withdrawn, avoids entanglements with people he doesn’t know. After a brutal rape and beating in his college days, he focuses on his art to help deal with the nightmares. He’s never had a relationship, male or female, so his newly awakened sexual interest in Kamaka confuses him. Should a man want to submit to another man, the way he wants to submit to Kamaka? Can he be the responsive, giving lover Kamaka needs, the man Kamaka desires?


Sanders Valley 2: Love Refocused | Nancy Corrigan

Sanders Valley 2: Love Refocused

Nancy Corrigan

Wyn Sander is surprised when his brother Kyle asks him to be best man at his wedding. Wyn’s even more shocked to learn the woman who later walks into his garage is Ronnie’s half-sister, Iona. He’s instantly attracted to her. She’s sophisticated, beautiful, and confident. At least she is until Wyn stands up. She flinches and a look of terror passes over her face. It bothers him to see. Luckily, desire replaces it, but it doesn’t stop Wyn’s curiosity. For the first time in his life, he wants to find out what made Iona fearful and fix it.

Iona can’t believe her luck. The man she lusts after is her new sister’s soon to be brother-in-law. The kiss they share shatters her, but her attempt to stop any involvement with him ends up with her agreeing to three dates. She decides Wyn is unlike any man she’s ever known, and it’s unfortunate she can’t enjoy him. She isn’t in the market for a boyfriend. All she wants is sex. The only problem is—she doesn’t think Wyn sees things her way.


Taming the Wilde | Maryn Blackburn

Taming the Wilde

Maryn Blackburn

  • Length:Novel
  • ISBN:978-1-62300-820-8
  • Genre:BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary
  • Cover Artist: Dar Albert
  • Price: $5.99

Skye Hartley doesn’t need a man. After her ex went to jail, she filed for divorce, got an education, raised their kids in the cobblestone house her father restored, and made herself a life. Nevertheless, Curtis Wilde, the actor who was her childhood crush, charms the socks–and panties–off her. Three days later, both of them sated and sore, he abandons her. The depth of Skye’s anger and hurt surprises her. Though Curtis phones for months, she won’t speak to him. He arrives unannounced, asking for five minutes to explain that once the newness wore off, he wanted what he always wanted yet was far too ashamed to ask for. “FemDom,” he tells her, then makes a hasty exit before Skye can react. Intrigued, Skye learns more while nurturing her grudge and taking his calls. They do not discuss his need or their tryst but come to genuinely like each other, bonding over the difficulties of parenting well. When Curtis comes to cheer her up after a call during which she’s blue, Skye is willing to give him another chance–and everything he deserves,

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