New Releases: Week of February 10th, 2015

For More: Wish List | A.R. McKinnon

For More: Wish List

A shadow of her former self since the horrific car accident that claimed the lives of her immediate family, Allison Thacker has lost her spirit and is wishing for more in her life. Her best friend steps in helping her create a wish list of desires to reignite Allison’s creativity and passion. With a little luck and scheming Allison’s letter falls into the hands of Marcus Brighton, the letters main focus, and to Allison’s surprise her wish list brings her not one but two men to grant her wishes.

Just as she is opening up again and finding herself again her carefully reconstructed world crumbles around her. Her lovers Marcus and Jackson have a secret and it’s one that could destroy her, if she lets it.

Can they persuade her to open heart and trust them a second time?


Clan McKinloch 4: Cupid, Mardi Gras & Auld Lang Syne | Kaitlin Maitland

Clan McKinloch 4: Cupid, Mardi Gras & Auld Lang Syne

Zoey is a woman totally comfortable with her attraction to other women. Zoey knows that she and Morrie McKinloch are perfect for each other. Not only is the chemistry explosive, Morrie is a ton of fun to be around. If only Zoey can convince Morrie that being a lesbian isn’t the end of the world.

Morrie cannot forget the hot New Year’s Eve sex she had with Zoey Statham. She never expected to be attracted to another woman. How can she tell her mother that her only daughter is swearing off the fairytale prince in favor of the princess?

When Morrie’s friends set her up with a local guy, she figures this is her chance at normal. Too bad a handsome man isn’t incentive enough to keep Morrie out of Zoey’s bed. No matter how much Morrie tries to be what her family wants, her heart already knows where she belongs.


To the Max | Elle Aycart

To the Max

Forensic accountant Annie Griffin has always suspected she’s a bit jinxed, so when she finds herself 35, single, temporarily homeless, and pregnant by a gigolo, her fears are confirmed.

Adrenaline junkie and professional stuntman Max Bowen needs a house-sitter to watch after his pets while he’s out of town. Annie needs a place to stay. Standard quid pro quo. No biggie. She can handle that, whatever hellhounds he owns–until Max, the most sought-after bachelor in the county, comes back ahead of schedule and she ends up being roommates with a 27-year old sex god who turns out to be so much more than what she expected.

Max might have had the attention span of a humming bird on crack when it comes to women, but that was before Annie. Her quirkiness and sweet contradictions soon captivate him, not that she’s  inclined to give him the time of the day. With his reputation preceding him, he knows the odds are stacked against him, but he will do his best to prove her  that he’s what she needs, stuck-up socialite grandmothers, doomsday preppers, groupies, pregnancy hormones, and repentant biological dads be damned.


In Elevators | E.F. Jacks

In Elevators

Former Coast Guard member Olive Parker now spends her days working as a high-powered assistant for a large Southern financial firm, and her nights prowling elevators, waiting for sexy single guys to step on and join her for a private steamy encounter inside the elevator. The only thing she tells them about herself is her nickname, “Miss No One.”

Then Olive meets Gavin Marks, a SEC agent and ex-Army Green Beret, and the one man who refuses her offer to make love in the elevator, AKA “Mr. No.” It turns out Olive’s company is in trouble, and her life is in grave danger. Gavin’s agency wants to recruit her to help them build a case against her boss and his lethal business partner. Olive bargains with Gavin and makes him a deal: his 24/7 protection and his tough talking mouth and smoking body in exchange for her help. Olive tries to keep her emotions at bay, but falls hard for the smoldering government bad boy. Will she live long enough to find out if he feels the same way?


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