New Releases: Week of December 8, 2015

Love on the Pitch | Neil Plakcy

Love on the Pitch

Warren Updegrove’s best “friend with benefits” is Thom Lodge, a geeky grad student who tutored him in math when he was a struggling undergrad on the football team. After playing in the NFL for a year, Warren is released from the team and returns to South Florida, where he drinks too much and loses his pro conditioning. When he meets former Olympian Victor Ragazzo and joins Victor’s gay rugby team, he falls hard.

But will Victor’s baggage bring down their budding relationship? Will Thom ever step off the sidelines and declare his love for Warren—or watch his BFF ruin his life with a jerk?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas | Kate Lowell

Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas

Carter’s been on his own since he came out at sixteen. He was one of the lucky ones—when coffee shop wages weren’t cutting it and he was on the edge of being homeless again, a kind stranger got him a fake ID and work as a dancer in a strip club. Since then, he’s saved his money, enough for a mortgage on a small fixer-upper of a house. He’s even started thinking about the future.

Given his career choice, the possibility of a normal relationship doesn’t get a second thought.

Thilo, a cute but awkward accountant, has never had his own apartment, never lived away from his family, never had a relationship that went farther than a kiss and a hug. Now he’s a thousand miles away from home, facing his first ever holiday season by himself.

His Christmas present—and Snowmageddon–is about to change that. But while there’s enough heat between him and Carter to melt the polar ice caps, is what they’re sharing just Sexmas or can it be something more?

Aching for Annabell | Josie Jax

Aching for Annabell

Young Amish widow Annabell Kranz wants one thing for Christmas—to satisfy her secret desires before she remarries a man from her community. When she sneaks from her village and gets lost one blustery night near the quaint town of Cool Hollow, Missouri, it’s an outsider who rescues Annabell. The intriguing, beautiful furniture maker Nicole Croft awakens things in Annabell she didn’t know existed. Things she should never feel—or do.

Following a recent breakup with her girlfriend, Nicole is in no mood to bother with a half-frozen woman in Amish garb… Until she gazes into Annabell’s needy eyes, sees into her lost soul, and hears her soft pleas to undress her, warm her, make love to her.

What Annabell wants, Nicole can give. But if she does, the two will have just seven days before Annabell walks out of Nicole’s life forever…and marries an Amish man.

Patchouli for Christmas 3: Partners in Patchouli | Bren Christopher

Patchouli for Christmas 3: Partners in Patchouli

New York City event planner Michael Cove is a man who thrives on challenge. He built a prosperous business from nothing. He won the heart and hand of a moody, patchouli-scented artist, the opposite of himself in almost every way. He charmed the man’s shrewd, wealthy grandmother. Only one challenge remains to be conquered, and it’s a trial far more terrifying than his wedding day: a visit from his mother.

Neo-hippie artist and social activist Jude Kendrick awaits his Christmas Eve wedding to Michael with eager anticipation. Not even Michael’s supercilious mother or her conniving politician husband can ruin his happiness. Only one secret plan threatens to darken a day that should be bright with joy: a hope for Michael’s future and his own that will shape the rest of their lives.

Unexpected demands from estranged family throw a spotlight on differences long ignored by the couple. But marriage changes things and now Michael must decide if he will embrace all Jude stands for or return to his solitary life of work hard and play harder, with obligations to no one but himself. Because marrying Jude means marrying into a world of privilege he’d never wanted and social responsibility he’d always spurned.

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