New Releases: Week of December 21, 2015

Siren's Daughter | Autumn Montague

Siren’s Daughter

Cassiopeia Thalassus has a problem. Under a strict injunction not to come home until she’s pregnant, she’s been sent on an eight day matchmaking cruise by her father, Poseidon. The Bacchanal Moonrise has a reputation as the perfect place for a fling – casual or otherwise. Cassie’s been sent to meet a prince, and she hopes the guy is someone she can fall in love with. On the other hand, the Siren in her is all too willing to settle for just anyone. This prince had better be worth the potential heartache.

Kenta Ōwatatsumi agreed to this date at the encouragement of his oldest brother. Tired of the usual women who only want him for his Selkie magic, Kenta is looking for someone who wants him for more than just sex and Selkie parlor tricks. His aniki promised him someone different. His first sight of Cassie Thalassus, however, has him questioning his brother’s good sense. Instead of a simple blind date, Kenta’s been tricked into a stud call for a lusty Siren. His brother got one thing right, though. Cassie’s certainly different.

Because she’s not just one breathtaking woman, she’s two.

Time for a Change | H.L. Day

Time for a Change

The last thing Michael needs while trying to work in the coffee shop is a half-naked idiot employee performing circus acrobatics to get his attention. However the more he tries to ignore him and the ruder he gets, the more the gorgeous guy just won’t leave him alone.

Michael just wants to get his ex-boyfriend back: Christian, the suave and sophisticated art gallery manager. That’s his type, not Sam, the sexy but irritating coffee shop employee with the devastating smile and the tight clothes showing off his muscles. He and Christian are far more suited to each other.

When he sees an opportunity to use Sam to make his ex-boyfriend jealous, of course he’s going to take it. But what if Christian’s not the right guy for him, and what if Sam could actually be more than just the best sex of his life? Will uptight Michael, be able to take the plunge and change or will he let possible happiness slip through his fingers because he can’t see what’s straight in front of him?

His Personal Shopper | Catherine Clarke

His Personal Shopper

Isabelle Baker is a woman who loves the finer things in life. Her work in a high-end department store exposes her to plenty of glamor–and plenty of beautiful men. But Isabelle’s also a lady and she keeps herself under tight rein. So when her gorgeous personal shopping client makes an entirely inappropriate offer, she wants badly to resist…

But Bailey Johnson is no ordinary man. He’s used to getting what he wants and he won’t take no for an answer. Even a lady has her limits, especially when a Christmas shopping trip ends with one present no one can refuse.

Krampus Night | Theolyn Boese

Krampus Night

Working retail during the holidays can be hard… Unless you are the Krampus, a legend whose sole purpose is to punish the naughty, then it’s nothing more than a buffet of bad manners.

When he wakes from several centuries of sleep, Vilhelm is dismayed to find the world so changed. He decides the best way to discover how people behave is by taking a job in a small coastal town showing signs of growing magic. Much to his delight he finds more than spoiled children and inattentive parents; he finds a sweet, young woman who brings out his every lecherous thought, as well as his long forgotten gallant side.

Life was already changing for Wren when a young girl knocks on her door one rainy night. Helping Aspen with her sick friend, Rowan, is instinctive but things take a drastic turn when Wren discovers they are not human. Learning the fey creatures she read about as a child are real isn’t nearly as magical to her as the relationship she’s building with Rowan.

But, when she starts her new job, she is constantly tempted and teased by Vilhelm and his unsubtle hints her boyfriend is no obstacle to his becoming her lover.

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