New Releases: Week of October 23, 2017

Leather and Gold by Gemma Snow

Leather and Gold

Emmeline Westington Wright, widowed duchess of South Framley, sent Captain Alexandre Pierron Simonnet to the Americas eighteen months ago, presumably in search of her errant brother, the Marquis of Fulton. But when Captain Simonnet returns to South Framley and the duchess’s Roseburn estate, she must admit to herself that the errand was nothing more than a way to keep the devilishly handsome and tempting captain far enough away where she will not succumb to her desires. They are the kind of desires she has only ever indulged with her late husband, William, hidden away in a darkened room, below the prim and proper halls of Roseburn.

Her lust for Captain Simonnet has not diminished in the past months, instead growing stronger and more potent until she invites him to meet her in the rose garden at midnight. There, she shows the captain all of her secrets, that hidden room, her own desire to cede control, to be taken care of–by him. As she had hoped, Alexandre is familiar with her lifestyle and sets down the rules, before laying her over his lap and giving her all that she most desperately craves–or almost all.

Because despite herself and her raging need, Emmeline knows that her want goes deeper than a salacious affair. She has known Captain Simonnet, William’s best friend, some ten years now, craved him for three. Tonight, in the light of their pleasures and vulnerabilities and moments of profound trust, she might just admit to herself that she wants more than a single night or a week or a month–she might just want a life together.

Lord and Lady of Gray Oak by G.G. Royale

Lord and Lady of Gray Oak

Nessa and Eirle have just tied the knot, but his brother pulls them away for a mission. They must travel to a distant land to secure grain for the coming winter, because the weather mages have predicted a foul season ahead. They travel to Allanor, a land where women are treated as second-class citizens. Sara, Nessa’s older sister, joins them for the quest. On their journey, Eirle reveals that Allanor is in fact the country of his birth, and his mother was a prostitute in its largest port city.

None of them expects to become embroiled in a plot of attempted murder. The target: Eirle. What secret is the court hiding? Who wants Eirle dead? And will Nessa and Eirle ever return to their new home, Gray Oak Keep?

The Wanderers 1: The Yearning by Tina Donahue

The Wanderers 1: The Yearning

To break this curse, they’ll have to turn the heat up. Way up.

Jasmine Dante prowls Key West’s nightlife, fighting a losing battle against a curse that forces her to seek carnal pleasure no matter the danger. Driven by insatiable lust, she spots a man who stirs her desperate craving. Except the stranger is no ordinary lover. Inside his powerful body lies a raw sexuality that just might be enough to break her curse. There’s only one way to find out: imprison him in her bed and feed on his passion.

Former Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Stearn is many things, but he’s no woman’s sex slave. The deadly telekinetic power he ruthlessly suppresses comes alive again at Jasmine’s touch. Beneath her bold, potent sensuality, he senses vulnerability and desperation. He may be in handcuffs, but she’s the one who’s enslaved.

As Mike resurrects his power to free himself so he can find the curse’s source and defeat it, Jasmine revels in his masterful rule. Her ravenous yearning evolves into rapture as she surrenders to his hunger, her darkest needs–and the emotional connection that lies beyond. Unless the curse takes her life first…

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

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