New Releases: Week of October 17, 2017

Stealing Third by Marie Lark

Stealing Third

His old high school teammates call him “Peaches” because Nick Pacioretti is anything but sweet–too calculating, too abrupt, and way too invested in his best friend Miles’s baseball career for his own good. But between the two of them, somebody needs to make it to the majors, and Nick is going to get him there, come family illness or a surprise revelation that his best friend is bisexual.

At twenty-three, Nick has never understood his guy friends’ obsession with girls and sex. He’s never felt real attraction in his life, but he’d do anything to protect Miles’s future–including experiment with sex. He might even like it.

With his second season in the minors at an end and his career up in the air from money trouble, third-baseman Miles Rodriguez is ready to buckle under the pressure. All he has is his best friend Nick and the possibility of finally exploring sex with a guy. Having loved Nick for years, his suggestion of a mutually beneficial arrangement is more than Miles can refuse–even if secretly deepening their relationship puts Miles’s future in the majors on the line.

Ambition and the pull of old love collide in Stealing Third!

Executive Perks by Angela Claire

Executive Perks

For as long as Virginia Beckett could remember, she had assumed that she would take over Beckett Family Delicacies when her father retired and run it until she was ready to retire. She certainly wasn’t going to let Aaron Winston prematurely end that destiny by swallowing her company.

Aaron Winston couldn’t put a finger on what was bugging him as he started his raid on his latest target. Sure, Virginia Beckett was mad, but then weren’t all his targets? What was it about this corporate princess’s disdain of his business methods that riled him so much? Maybe it was that he wanted this particular mouth with the silver spoon in it to be doing something else instead.

While a mysterious enemy plagues Aaron and Virginia both, the unlikely lovers take a trek that leads them from fast-paced Wall Street to bucolic Connecticut to a hurricane on an isolated island off Oregon. Through it all, they learn that nothing is deadlier than desire.

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

Menace to Society by Caitlyn Willows

Menace to Society

Eileen thought Lance had run out on her, only to find him inadvertently bound for their mutual pleasure. Who knew they’d have so very much in common? The two make one heck of a team in bed and out of it. But there are secrets and then there are secrets.

Lance feels Eileen is his gift for finally getting his life back in order. Sharing his past will only destroy what they’ve got going on between them. But it isn’t his past Lance needs to worry about–its Eileen’s and the twin sister she doesn’t remember. A twin who brings murder, mystery, and the promise of a legacy with her.

If she’s to have any future at all–especially one with Lance–Eileen must face a legacy she wants no part of. A legacy that’s too much a reminder to Lance of his own failings. A legacy that comes with parents she must defeat in order for her, Lance, and her sister to survive.


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