New Releases: Week of October 11, 2016

Wulf's Den 5: Eli and Saskia | Marisa Chenery

Wulf’s Den 5: Eli and Saskia

Eli vowed he would never tie himself to one woman. But when he sees a lone werewolf female at Wulf’s Den with six large male werewolves at her back, he finds himself instantly attracted to her.

Saskia and her brothers-in-arms have come to Wulf’s Den in search of the foretold one, the one they have trained most of their long lives to protect. What she didn’t expect was to have one of her visions while there. Or to see that she and the male mortal who looks at her with hunger in his eyes would eventually end up in bed together.

As Eli and Saskia try to sort through the feelings of an unexpected mating, a new enemy rises to threaten Roxie in her position as the foretold one. An enemy who could end their mating prematurely.

  • Note: Eli and Saskia was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited in this edition.

Rip Cord | Jeanne St. James

Rip Cord

The Reunion
Gil Davis hated high school. Ever the geek, he has no intentions of attending his 10th year class reunion. The last thing he wants is to relive the taunting and teasing he received during his teenage years. However there is one thing he misses from high school: the star Varsity football player. The one he had a crush on from the first day he laid eyes on him. But the last thing he expects is the now pro football player to come back to their home town to attend a lame high school reunion. Known as the Bad Boy of the NFL, Ripley “Rip” Cord, not only shows up, but shows up without a date and an eye for Gil.

The Weekend
Geek extraordinaire Gil Davis hooked up with his long-time crush Rip Cord, the Bad Boy of the NFL, during their tenth year class reunion. It was a dream come true for Gil, so when Rip surprises Gil with a trip to the pro football player’s cabin on the lake two weeks later, Gil looks forward to their weekend alone. Since Rip is still deep in the closet due to his career, Gil will take any stolen moments they have. Little does Gil know, those moments will be filled with a blindfold and ropes, as well as a bad tumble down the mountain.

But a few bumps and bruises won’t stop Gil from spending precious time with Rip and his toys. However when the weekend ends, will Rip disappear again? Or will Rip want to take their relationship to the next level?

  • Note: The Rip Cord: The Reunion flings was previously released by another publisher. The Weekend is new and not previously published. 

Boyfriend Goals | Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

Boyfriend Goals

What happens when a nerd and a jock pretend to be dating for the summer? Social justice whiz Trev needs to convince his parents that his bisexuality isn’t a phase, and swim team star Lee needs somewhere to stay until the new semester starts. Forced together for three months at a Vermont lake house with Trev’s family, the boys influence each other in unexpected ways, and despite their differences, a real bond begins to form. What will it take for a fake odd couple to become a real one?

Lucky Sprints, vol 2 | Cheryl Dragon

Lucky Springs, vol. 2

Quality Assurance
Ashley Tassin wanted a life in the big city but fate has brought the most popular girl in school back to Lucky Springs. The factory expansion created jobs luring a lot of men to the town. Working with a foursome of hot men who are in a relationship and want to add a woman is very tempting to Ash. However, two of the men went to high school with her and one holds a grudge for her rejecting him. Eli Hollier was a geek and now he’s a sexy genius. The men hatch a plot to teach the former head cheerleader a lesson that starts as friends with benefits. Falling for Ash is easy but for it to end happily, they must bury the past and start fresh in their hometown.

Salesmen on the Rise
With the Lucky Springs factory expanding, the sales force needs to step up their game. Marketing guru Zoe Avery is retraining the sales force. Two hot sales teams are just as interested in seducing her as they are in raising their sales numbers. The last thing Zoe wants is to settle down in such a small town, but she can’t turn down a lot of fun while she’s looking for a better job in a big city. There isn’t much to do except those four sexy men, anyway. Unfortunately, keeping it casual and secret isn’t as easy as Zoe hoped!

  • Note: The last two Lucky Springs novellas were previously released by another company as individual titles. They’ve been reedited and bundled together for this release.

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