New Releases: Week of October 10, 2017

Desire to Submit by Jennifer Leeland

Desire to Submit

“People don’t fall in love in the Lifestyle. They just fall in love with the release and associate it with a person.”

After having her submissive nature revealed without her permission, Gina Ybarra is hypervigilant to keep her sexual preference for women firmly in the closet. But the hostile takeover of the company she works for has turned all of Gina’s ideas upside down. At first playing with her female Dominant boss was just role playing to save the company from ruin. But the unthinkable happened and now, Gina has to decide if her fear of her family’s rejection is stronger than the feelings she has for Reena.

Reena Barrett is an expert at keeping her real feelings hidden, including the hurt from Gina’s constant need to hide their relationship. When their task to save their jobs becomes more involved, Reena decides it’s better to let Gina go rather than keep wishing for what couldn’t be. But the company is still at risk and Reena gives Gina an ultimatum that could end their friendship and their working relationship. Reena needs to know how deep Gina’s desire to submit will go.


A Pack of His Own 2: Tracker's Fate Emily Carrington

A Pack of His Own 2: Tracker’s Fate

Ethan has always wanted the reassurance of a pack, including the promise of a divinely given mate. He’s afraid his job as a tracker–execution chief among his duties–will keep other wolves away and cripple his soul.

Jeremy wants nothing beyond sexual play and lust. Well, almost nothing else. He also wants the possibility of children. He is not bisexual, though, and can’t imagine seeking out a female wolf just to have pups.

These two are thrown into a murder mystery where the bystanders are not defenseless or guiltless and where near mystical beings threaten to destroy all in an instant. In the midst of so many lies and such rampant lust, can Ethan and Jeremy find their way to true love?

Guardian of Magic by Dominique Frost

Guardian of Magic

When a god falls in love with a mortal, the entire world will feel the impact…

Brady Jenkins is a witch whose dream job is to practice magic professionally. He doesn’t have a familiar, though, and without one, he can’t obtain a witchery license. And without the license, he’s stuck. And so the cycle goes; no familiar, no license, no practicing witchery. Brady believes himself to be a painfully mediocre witch. After all, a real witch would have a familiar, right?

Malachai is an ancient god who is drawn Brady who is seemingly ordinary, but unknowingly powerful…and oh so innocent. He appears to Brady as a little black cat. But things soon get complicated when Malachai begins to fall in love with Brady. He’s forced to reveal himself and asks Brady to be his eternal companion.

Brady’s world turns upside down when he discovers his cat isn’t a cat; he’s something so much more. If that isn’t enough, Brady must decide what he wants–the freedom of being a mortal, or the burden of immortality. Will immortality be worth it for a love that will outlast eternity?


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