New Releases: Week of November 28, 2017

Ruthless by Kara Lowndes


A small-town lesbian in the big city. It should be easy. Except for Ruth, it’s anything but predictable. Born with powers she can’t explain, she escaped to the sprawling metropolis of Dollar to figure out why she was endowed with her mysterious gifts. But, three years later, she’s none the wiser–until she gets hit by a car and a mysterious nurse named Killian comes to her rescue. But Killian has a dark past that she’s desperately trying to leave behind and, as a dangerous organization uncovers Ruth’s secrets, they must fight to keep their intense romance alive.

Take a Chance on Me by Jaqueline Snowe

Take a Chance on Me

What would any sane girl do when the guy who used to put worms down her pants suddenly becomes hot…and the chemistry between them threatens to ruin everything?

Kate and Brody have known each other their entire lives. Junior high, high school, remaining friends in college–and now starting their first ‘adult’ jobs, where circumstances force Kate to live with Brody for the summer as she fights to earn a full-time job with a major-league baseball team and Brody prepares to head off to NFL pre-season training.

Brody’s a womanizer with an aversion to feelings, and Kate has left-over baggage from an ex who took all her trust, so despite the crazy, stupid feelings they seem to be developing for each other, maintaining their easy friendship should be no problem, right? Wrong. Because one fateful night changes everything.

The Wanderers 2: The Craving by Tina Donahue

The Wanderers 2: The Craving

She’s everything he’s desired… He’s the one man she shouldn’t crave.

Knowing the danger the Wanderers pose, Erica Vega intends to hunt down the mysterious group steeped in dark magic, curses, and mind control. As a Deputy U.S. Marshal she has the law behind her, along with her telekinetic powers. Let the chase and battle begin.

Not so fast. Her superior forbids her to go after any Wanderer, instead ordering her to work cold cases with her new partner, Lucian Navari.

Tall, dark and hotter than sin, Lucian doesn’t play by the book. He has his own agenda and agrees to help Erica hunt Wanderers on the sly where he and she can be up close and personal.

Erica’s not one to mix duty with pleasure, but Lucian’s impossible to resist in too damn many ways. As they investigate an elusive Wanderer, nothing is as it appears–she can’t trust what she sees or believes. Lies masquerade as truth and deception rules while she and Lucian grow closer in a carnal dance that will change their lives.


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