New Releases: Week of November 22, 2016

Croft Holiday 2: Thankful for You | Ceri Grenelle

Croft Holiday 2: Thankful for You

David Goldberg has wanted Ophi Croft since they were first introduced at a PTA meeting. She’s smart, talented, and has two awesome kids. When he finally gets her into his bed they share a beautiful night in each other’s arms, one he thinks is the start of a new relationship. But when she bolts in the morning and doesn’t return his calls, David fears their chance has passed.

Ophi Croft thinks David is the hottest, most eligible bachelor in town, and it thrills her to no end to discover he wants her as much as she desires him. But in the harsh light of the morning after their night together her nerves take over and she hides behind the excuse of being a full time single mother to get away from him.

When David arrives unexpectedly at Ophi’s Thanksgiving dinner, she knows she messed up and decides to win him back. However an unexpected but wonderful surprise forever changes the depth and nature of their relationship. Thanksgiving is a time to recognize those you love, David and Ophi need only open their eyes to see how much they have to be thankful for.

Roxie's Protectors, vol 1 | Marisa Chenery

Roxie’s Protectors, vol 1

The Protectors have trained for hundreds of years to watch over the foretold one who’d rule all the werewolf packs. Now that they’ve found Roxie, they are more than capable of the task.

All their training won’t mean much when it comes to winning over their mortal mates, and bringing them into their world.

  • Note: Roxie’s Protectors was previously released as multiple novellas by another publisher.

Root of the Spark: A Wild Seed novel | Michele Fogal

Root of the Spark: A Wild Seed novel

Dell doesn’t want to hide anymore. As the first hermaphrodite on the human colony planet of Ameliaura, Dell has spent the last year trying to blend into the crowd. Dell used to snub the public eye with flamboyance and scandal, but lately the attention just feels like loneliness. After surviving a vicious attack, Dell falls into the arms of Zavvy, a man who has made it his mission to help abandoned hermaphrodite children.

Zavvy has been alone for years. No one can understand why he’s given up everything to take in street children and any hope of romance is out the window. Until Dell. Found naked and bleeding by the kids, Dell fulfills Zavvy’s every youthful fantasy of the City’s unashamed exotic night life.

The needs of an impromptu orphanage leave little room for a relationship, but harder still, Dell’s past has come back with a vengeance. Dell will have to step into the light again to fight for a home before the age old tide of violence rises again.

Chasing Booty | Shannon Leigh

Chasing Booty

When the law can’t catch the most wanted criminals, they hire Gaelyn. Extensive training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and adverse conditions have seasoned her a formidable opponent to any contracted hit, male, female, alien, or human. She has little fear of the unknown and thrives on adventure.

Only one other hunter matches her status, Reese, a Trøndite from the small planet of Sør-Trøndalag in the Capricornus Sector. The man has a knack for stealing her contracts. Both cunning and gorgeous, the mix doesn’t seem quite fair. But attractiveness holds little power over money. He’d beaten her out of a half-year’s pay a scarce three months ago. She’d be damned if he’d outwit her again.

Thinking she’s duped him back on Jupiter, Gaelyn is furious when she runs into Reese on Quaoar at the Blue Moon, an authentic hole-in-the-wall bar tucked at the end of a narrow alley; just the place to find her contracted hit. He not only has the information she needs to find her mark, he’s got a business proposal that’s almost too tempting to pass up…nothing like chasing a little bounty booty together.

  • Note: Chasing Booty was previously released by another publisher.

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