New Releases: Week of November 15, 2016

Arwn's Gift 2: Eyes of Fire | Christina Quinn

Arwn’s Gift 2: Eyes of Fire

The earthy aroma of a wood before a storm still gives Valentina pause even after two years. It’s the scent she forever associates with Aneurin, the lover taken from her by the ancient curse of the Swynwr, that same power which crowned him King of the Elves and now walks in his flesh. She told him that she would free him, that they would be together again and she wholly intends to keep that promise—no matter the cost.

Upon discovering the existence of a book which holds the key to breaking the curse, she sets out across the war-ravaged Ersland countryside with Aneurin’s brother Yorwrath, the vicious bandit, now her lover, by her side. While traveling they cross paths with the mysterious Myrddin, an elf who opens Valentina’s eyes to a new facet of their culture. A darker, more primal part entrenched deeply in sex, magic, prophecy and death.

Love's Pursuit: The Winter Trail | Jules Radcliffe

Love’s Pursuit 2: The Winter Trail

Jake and Ash fell in love one wild summer in New York City. To escape the censure of the world, they retreated to the Cascade Mountains where they are free to love each other as they choose.

With the death of her beloved father, schoolteacher Evelyn Lockhart’s life has become a solitary grind. Poor and alone, she has no real home. On her way to yet another post, a terrible accident leaves her injured and stranded.

Rescued by Jake and Ash, Evie finds she is trapped by a blizzard. She is horrified, knowing her reputation will be ruined beyond repair. When Jake suggests marriage to one of them as the solution to her dilemma, she is dismayed to find she is drawn to both men, and cannot choose between them.

Jake and Ash want Evie to be with them, but they fear she will think their love sinful. They conceal it from her, knowing they have all winter to convince her that she belongs with them before they have to confess the truth.

But will Evie accept their true relationship, or will she consider that they have betrayed her trust?

  • Note: The Winter Trail was previously released by another publisher.

Rip Cord: The Ever After | Jeanne St. James

Rip Cord: The Ever After

Rip Cord, the infamous Bad Boy of the NFL, ends up on Gil Davis’ front porch drunk as a skunk. Not only has he been fired by his franchise, but also his sports agent. His last brawl on the football field during a prime time game was the final straw.

Accounting geek Gil Davis hasn’t seen his on-again, off-again lover since the summer when the professional football player whisked him away for a kinky sex-filled getaway weekend. But immediately after, Rip returned to the NFL and was on the road leaving no time for Gil.
 Now Rip wants to come back into Gil’s life one more time, this time to not only make a future with him, but to finally admit who he really is deep down inside. After hiding his sexual preference since he was a teen, Rip realizes he’s made too many bad choices along the way. It’s time to make the right choice with Gil.

But is Gil ready to forgive Rip for keeping him at a distance? And more importantly, after two false starts, can they finally live happily ever after?

In the Court of Love and Loss | Jenna Ives

In the Court of Love and Loss

Kyrie is the Mistress of Justice on Sirene, able to judge a person’s guilt or innocence with a mere touch. She is invaluable to the planet’s dictatorial leader, Galen, but Kyrie is dying. Abandoned as a child by her people, the Ouri, when they mysteriously fled Sirene, she’s grown up among the planet’s “other” race. Now, at age twenty-five, she must find an Ourian to mate with or die.

Proteus is sent back to Sirene to rescue a child accidentally left behind when he and all the Ouri fled the threat of uprising. But through a trick of time, what he finds instead on his return is an Ourian woman he is forbidden by law to mate with, even if it means saving her life. And when Galen forces Proteus to sexually satisfy Kyrie, Proteus uses every trick at his disposal to keep her alive, all while plotting their escape.

Galen and Proteus are desperate to save Kyrie for very different reasons – but they both know the fate of the planet depends on her survival.

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