New Releases: Week of November 14, 2017

Middle Hill 2: Rabbit by Barbara Geiger

Middle Hill 2: Rabbit

Five months have passed since Kevin saved Matt from working the streets. Matt didn’t think he could be happier having his prince, Kevin, at his side. But nothing is simple in the Fae world Kevin belongs to, and both love and deceit lay tangled webs. Life under the Hill needs a strong hearthstone to power the long lives of the Fae and the magic they use, and Matt couldn’t have guessed how corrupted and dark the source of that power has become. What once had been a beautiful ceremony between the King and those who loved him has become a terrifying ritual of being hunted down like a rabbit and drained for the good of the Kingdom.

Matt had thought his love for Kevin knew no bounds, but he doesn’t know how the hearthstone is refilled, or that in all the years the rabbit had run, there had only ever been one who had survived the night. Matt’s own father had been caught and drained. Only one rabbit had ever survived the night–Kevin himself. Love is easy when life is simple. When things go to hell, love is forged…or burned away.

Wolf Around the Corner by Aidee Ladnier

Wolf Around the Corner

Tom Davidson ran away from family obligations to be a Broadway star. If he could make it there, he could make it anywhere…but he didn’t. Trudging back home to Waycroft Falls, he finds his sister Annie and her hometown bookstore in danger of folding. Her solution: open the upstairs of the historic building as a performance venue. Putting on a play should be a piece of cake for her famous New York actor brother.

Frank Braden lost the genetic lottery and got the family werewolf curse. Kicked out of his home for the triple threat of being gay, a werewolf, and a drain on his widowed father’s new family, he settled in Waycroft Falls to make as inconspicuous a life as possible working in Annie’s bookstore. Until her gorgeous younger brother comes to town and literally needs a beast for his play.

Tom breaks out the charm to convince Frank he’s key to the success of the bookshop’s theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast. Frank loves the bookstore, is hotter than sin, and has the perfect solution to Tom’s stage makeup conundrum. Who better to play the Beast than a guy who can turn into one?

Shadows of the Past by Terri Pray

Shadows of the Past

After the loss of a submissive to suicide years ago, Michael has kept things simple. He finds a play partner for scenes; no commitments, no relationships, no talk of love. Clean and simple, until he’s assigned to protect Lily from a stalker. Beautiful, creative, and challenging, she threatens to turn his world upside down if he doesn’t keep his desires under control.

Work. Her life revolved around it, seldom able to take more than a few hours off thanks to the demands of her manager, Lily enjoyed her life until the stalker left his first message. Now fear and uncertainty cloud her days, work piles up, and hired security seems to be the only choice. But she hadn’t expected a man who would threaten her sanity, offering her passion and the safety of his embrace. A man whose tastes run more to kink, and will only accept her into his bed if he remains the one in charge at all times.

Is she nothing more than an assignment to Michael, or does he offer his heart along with his dominance?


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