New Releases: Week of November 1, 2016

California Dreaming | Shawn Lane

California Dreaming

You can never go home again. But Michael “Mick” Lawler is doing just that after an absence of ten years. Mick left California when his first love, Joe, chose his twin sister, Raine, over him. Joe and Raine married and a broken-hearted Mick left behind everything he’d ever known.

Settling first in Chicago, Mick met his sexy as sin fellow lawyer, Zach Covington. When Zach left Chicago for sunny Florida, Mick went with his best friend. Life is great. He has a good job, a nice apartment, and Zach close by. Sure, Mick is in love with seemingly unobtainable player, Zach, but just having Zach in his life is enough. Or so Mick thinks.

When Raine calls one night to tell him Joe is dead, she begs her brother to come back to California. Mick agrees to return but he’s not going alone. Zach insists on going. Once there, Mick has to deal with his grieving twin, his estranged parents, and his newfound, sudden sexual relationship with Zach. But Raine and his parents have a request of Mick…move back to California permanently. Sounds great. But there’s Zach. Can he really leave the man who holds his heart behind for some California Dreaming?

Love Happens | Christiane France

Love Happens

Bad Boy Blues
Billy Duval and Sharon Lee Parker were teenage lovers—until Sharon went off to college and Billy’s disregard for the law earned him a four-year sentence in the Federal penitentiary. They haven’t seen one another in more than ten years, but now Sharon’s back home for his sister’s wedding.

She still loves Billy and she knows he loves her, but he’s an ex-con who still likes to walk on the wild side. According to rumor, Billy tried to outrun the law in a stolen car as recently as a few months ago, and there’s no way Sharon will give up a good job and a nice safe life for a man like that.

Blame it on Fate
While in England on family business, Kate had a three-day fling with a fellow American—a “ships that pass in the night” kind of thing. She never expected their paths to cross again, but three months later, Paul turns up unexpectedly in Kate’s hometown. The feelings are definitely still there between them. She knows this is no simple coincidence, and she believes Fate is responsible for bringing them back together.

…except Paul has taken a teaching job at the same university where Kate is a student. A university that has a strictly enforced zero-tolerance policy when it comes to romantic entanglements between the staff and the students.

Just One Look
Toni Peters rarely takes chances or tries new things, always sticking close to home and going along with the tried and the true—until her old schoolfriend, Jane Doyle, who is currently working at a hotel in Paris, France, calls and suggests they take a month-long tour of Europe, the vacation they’ve always talked about but have never got around to.

When Toni arrives in Paris, she discovers Jane quit her job and moved south to another hotel in Marseille. Toni goes to Marseille and checks all the hotels, but to no avail. Jane seems to have disappeared off the planet—that is until Toni receives an unsigned note telling her to be at Les Arbres in Cassis at noon the next day. Figuring the note is from Jane, Toni takes the bus to Cassis, but instead of finding Jane at Les Arbres she finds Neil Trenton, a British cop.

  • Note: The novellas in Love Happens have previously been released by another publisher.

Banshee's Bite | Gina Fluharty

Banshee’s Bite

Officer Gigi O’Shea is a good cop but a terrible banshee. A brush with death awakened unknown powers and forced her into a world of preternatural creatures that would send a sane cop screaming. Being a banshee conflicts with her cop nature. If she sings someone to death, how is that not murder? And the hottest man she’s ever wanted underneath her is threateneing to kill her if she doesn’t get her shit together. Sex and death threats—who knew that would be so exciting? Murdok abhors what Gigi is. Banshees are weak and stupid, and Gigi is out of control. As Cleaner, it’s his job to make sure she doesn’t blow their collective cover to humans. Unfortunately, he can’t just kill her. First he’ll have to attempt to train her. But he’s an executioner, not a professor—not when the voices of the dead he carries threaten his control at every turn. Even worse, he wants Gigi more than he’s wanted any woman in centuries. But so do his dead.

There’s more than Gigi’s life at stake. As a banshee, only she can save the ghosts and Portland, and if she doesn’t find the strength to trust her new self, everyone dies.

Risk-Reward | Caitlyn Willlows


What Casey Sullivan wants Casey Sullivan gets. And she wants David Deacon back. But how can she convince the hard-charging district attorney that they are better together than they are apart? How can she convince him that they have the life experience now to overcome their past demons? Easy. By offering him a reward for every risk he dares to take.
Wanting her had to be a sin. Having her could mean her death. It was why Dave had walked away all those years ago, and why he’d avoided her since. Yet the universe clearly had plans of its own. Plans that pushed them together more and more as their respective careers soared. upping the game when that lure failed to tempt him by constantly throwing him in her path. He couldn’t resist any longer. A one-night stand to get her out of his system, that was his plan, until Casey grabbed him by the heart and reminded Dave that for every risk there is a reward.

But the demons of the past linger, reminding them both of a risk neither has ever been able to face. It’s hard to see a reward when all that exists is a fear that all the life experience in the world can’t seem to banish.

  • Note: Risk-Reward is a staff pick!

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