New Releases: Week of May 23, 2017

Second Chance 2: His Pirate | Stephanie Lake

Second Chance 2: His Pirate

Desperate to leave London and move his ailing sister to a climate that will save her life, Rhain Morgan books passage to their Caribbean plantation on the only available ship, one captained by Alastair Breckenridge. The alluring captain looks and acts like a pirate and Rhain fights his attraction, but the man’s fairness wins Rhain over. The trip started as endless becomes far too short.

For years, Alastair held people away from his heart, until Rhain. Finally admitting his feelings to himself, he tries to convince Rhain to stay on board, but it’s all in vain.

Despite his own burgeoning feelings for Alastair, Rhain wants to prove himself and refuses to let go of his dream of making a home for his sister and himself on their plantation. But when Alastair’s ship sails away, Rhain is left alone to make the best of disastrous circumstances. Overwhelmed by regret, he nurses his broken heart.

When all seems lost, they dare to hope for a second chance to set things right and love again.

Costa Mesa E-Boxed Set | Roxanne D. Howard

Costa Mesa E-Boxed Set

Roxanne D. Howard’s holiday trilogy, the Costa Mesa series, is now available in a convenient e-boxed set!

Batten Down the Hatches

Piper Goldhirsch is the head reporter for Business Buster, an Undercover Boss-esque tabloid exposé show. While it was never her dream job, it pays the bills. When she attends a masked Halloween Ball and meets a sexy costumed pirate captain who calls himself Captain Jack, what starts out as a few kind words and exchanged kisses in the billiards room quickly becomes the greatest sex of her life, leaving her haunted by the powerful magic between them. Piper’s not sure what she wants or even if she’ll ever see her mysterious stranger again… until he becomes her job’s next target.

Captain Jack Spencer runs his own brand new whale watching company, Ahoy, Matey, on the outskirts of Costa Mesa and Balboa Island. He’s so good at it he’s garnered the attention of rival companies. Piper is called in by Jack’s nemesis to go undercover on an ocean tour to expose him, and reveal the alleged illegal tricks that have made his business so successful in a short amount of time. But when Piper realizes he’s the same sexy man she slept with at the Halloween Ball, she’s emotionally conflicted. Plus, Jack has been unable to forget the woman from Halloween, so when they do meet up again, they can’t keep their hands off each other.

It’s time to Batten Down the Hatches, because the waves are about to get wild!

Toe the Line

After two months apart from Jack and working in desolate, war-torn Syria, Piper is on her way home to California for Hanukkah. The tides have turned dramatically, and she is now an established journalist with Channel Four News. Though she’s proud of where she’s at with her career, her heart aches for the painful way she left things with Jack.

Jack is determined to make things right with Piper, no matter what. When he receives a cash settlement from Business Buster, he uses his newfound wealth to whisk her away on his new yacht for a romantic getaway to Catalina Island. In no time at all, the two lovers reignite the fiery blaze between them, and their steamy passion rekindles out on the open ocean. But when a dangerous, hidden stowaway hijacks the yacht and holds them both captive, Piper and Jack find themselves at his mercy. With nowhere to run, they must work together if they want to escape alive.

This holiday season, it’s time to Toe the Line.


At the end of their romantic holiday getaway, Piper is one loved-up woman. She can’t get enough of the sizzling passion she’s found with Jack after all they’ve been through. The two lovers board Jack’s yacht and leave the idyllic hamlet of Catalina Island, California to head home for New Year’s Eve, and it seems nothing could be more perfect… until the day turns on a dime, and the waters rise. When Jack receives a radio distress call from an old friend out on the open ocean, their initial efforts to free a trapped, massive blue whale soon becomes a dangerous struggle for life or death – their own.

It’s a New Year’s Eve fraught with harrowing danger, narrow escapes, daring rescue missions, and heart-pounding passion. Top it off with one shocking discovery, and suddenly the boat isn’t all that’s rocking. With the weight of the knowledge pressing down upon Piper, can their love survive? This New Year’s Eve, get ready for some fireworks, because it’s all going Overboard.

  • Note: All of the stories in this set were previously released as single titles.

The Prendarian Chronicles | Doreen DeSalvo

The Prendarian Chronicles

For the Love of Rigah
She demands satisfaction…

Rigah, the most powerful woman on the world of Prendara, has purchased a handsome Earther slave to serve as her consort. He will pleasure her in every way imaginable–or die.

He vows to resist…

Jason refuses to accept his role as Rigah’s personal whore. But he can’t fight the passion she demands from him…or the need to demand much more than passion from her. More than she may be willing to give.

Note: This story was previously released by another publisher.

For the Heart of Daria
A human who’s lived under alien domination for her entire life, Daria vows to rid Earth of the evil invaders no matter what the cost–even if it means seducing a powerful alien sympathizer.

Stunningly handsome, irresistibly charming, Gray isn’t the monster she wants him to be. He saves her life…and gives her more pleasure than she ever imagined. But despite the passion he forces her to feel, she can’t sacrifice her mission–and she can’t tell him who she really is. He’s a collaborator, and nothing will ever convince her to trust him.

She hates his people. He hates her prejudice. They don’t understand each other, but they want each other with a passion that defies all reason. And with a desperate mission of his own on the line, Gray will do whatever it takes to win the heart of Daria.

  • Note: Both stories in this collection were released as single titles.

Defying the Moon | Cheryl Dragon

Defying the Moon

Defying the Moon

Brian’s life is simple–screw hot guys and catch bad ones. But when the one man he can’t forget rescues him and finds out a secret even Brian doesn’t know, his life takes a new turn.

Brian is a werewolf. Desperate to find a cure, he keeps Ed close for protection and turns to his sister, a zoologist, for help. Being so close to Ed reveals all his insecurities, but Brian fights his feelings. Out of fear, Brian pushes Ed away one too many times. Only then does he realize keeping Ed at arm’s length won’t make it better. Ed is all Brian needs to face whatever lies ahead. He just has to win him back.

Outsmarting the Moon

Sex on the edge wasn’t something Laura Blake ever thought she wanted.

A werewolf, Charlie Hiller, can smell the aroused woman following him. When he miscalculates his change and confronts her, she kidnaps the werewolf and locks him in her basement.

Her promise of a cure is a dream come true but can she free him from the nightmare? He wants her and he knows she wants him even though she realizes what he is. She can’t keep her mind or hands off Charlie even in those times just before and after his change when he’s unpredictable and wild.

Charlie brings out the animal in Laura but will it last? Working together for Charlie’s cure, they must trust one another with everything they have.

  • Note: Both of these stories were previously released by another publisher as standalone titles.

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