New Releases: Week of May 10, 2016

Heaven Sent: The Complete Series | Jet Mykles

Heaven Sent: The Complete Series

In celebration of the upcoming new Rose Family Chronicles, a Heaven-Sent related series, for a limited time purchase the entire Heaven Sent series, including flings, for the price of a single book!

Food for the Soul | Ceri Grenelle

Food for the Soul

Harper is the proud owner of the Full Spoon, one of the last soup kitchens in her downtrodden city. When a thief steals her much needed mortgage payment and puts her in the hospital, she’s lucky to have Flynn, one of her volunteers, there to find her in time. Even luckier is having the handsome Doctor Theo to help her heal. She is revived by their caring attentions and can’t help but embrace the connection the three share.

Flynn isn’t new to his bisexuality, yet he’s never been so drawn to two people before. But will his baggage of being a single dad and having an intolerant father be too much for his two new love interests?

The solitary Theo never allowed himself to really explore deep personal relationships, let alone a relationship with a man and a woman at once. But after meeting Harper and Theo and feeling the deep and immediate link he can’t deny the possibility of happiness.

Their bonds are strong, but each of them fears their differences in background, in personality, in needs, be too much of a challenge to overcome…

Hat Trick | Meg Harding

Hat Trick

Nathan Barres has always loved hockey before anything else. When a one night stand with Felix Moore gives him emotions, he flees the scene. He’s not expecting to see Felix ever again. So when an injury knocks him out of the game for several weeks, he’s less than pleased to see the Winnipeg Wolves newest trainer is none other than Felix.

Almost two years later, and the feelings are still there. Nathan does his best to shove them to the back burner and ignore the temptation Felix presents. That is, until Felix makes him an offer that’s just a little too tempting–with amazing results. He’s a hockey player after all, and they’re nothing if not superstitious. If Felix is his good luck charm, who is he to resist?

Storm Called | Autumn Montague

Storm Called

Sean Gordon, head of the North American Selkies, is powerful, ancient, and invulnerable. He has controlled the other clans at the cost of his own family. Two decades ago, drawn ashore by an echo of his loneliness, he found a woman who ignited an intense attraction that almost bound him to a life on land. He fled to the sea with the dawn tide, but could never forget the woman who revitalized his soul. Kerry Duff never expected to see Sean again after their passionate night together in the middle of a frenzied Ocean City spring break. But, addicted to shared passion she’d experienced with the Scottish shifter, Kerry was driven by an insatiable need to find him. She’s spent the past twenty-one years searching for him among others of his kind.

With an unexpected reunion at the place that started it all, Sean realizes Kerry is destined to be his mate—and she has a secret that could bring about the renewal of his clan. When his ancient enemy learns the secret, Sean fears they’ll exploit the newfound weakness its destined to solve. He’ll need more than chemistry with Kerry to revitalize his clan and reach his destiny.

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