New Releases: Week of March 7, 2017

Mask of the Queen | MJ Compton

Mask of the Queen

Skye Schuyler’s business is failing because of a reporter’s lies, yet telling the truth about baseball player Tag Gentry’s injuries would destroy him. She loves him too much to betray his confidence. But his marriage proposal is only damage control, suggested by his agent, and Skye wants more from a relationship than Tag seems willing to offer.

Tag won’t take no for an answer. It’s bad enough an injury cost him his career, but now he seems to be losing his best friend, too. He can’t figure out why Skye won’t marry him when marriage to him should convince everyone she didn’t betray his secrets to that reporter. Wanting to fight every man who comes into contact with Skye doesn’t mean he’s jealous, despite what his brothers think. He wants to protect her the way she’s been guarding his secret.

But when a vicious attack on Skye’s business also threatens her life, Tag is forced to reevaluate not only his feelings for her, but also his plans for the future. Now all he has to do is convince Skye to unmask her true feelings and join his team…permanently.

Sinners & Saints 5: Dirty Irish | Sara Brookes

Sinners & Saints 5: Dirty Irish

He refuses to be owned. She won’t settle for anything less…

Natalie has done everything she can to forget the man who gave her the most erotic power exchanges of her life. He wasn’t her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. McKinley wasn’t a docile submissive. Whenever she pushed him to the edge, he became commanding and domineering. Perfect. She was prepared to give him her heart, but he abandoned her when she needed him the most.

McKinley swore he would never give up control again. But his reclusive existence has eroded his soul so much, there is nothing left but his need for the only woman he ever loved. Back on familiar soil for a St. Patrick’s Day ride with his Riding Irish brothers, McKinley seeks to repair the one relationship he is convinced will cure him of his relentless cravings. This time their reckless games won’t break him.

In the secret dungeon at the clubhouse, memories of their wild past rouse sinfully dirty thoughts. Then one fateful moment leaves two rival clubs in an all-out war where Natalie and McKinley are in the crosshairs. They could end up losing everything–including each other.

The Red Kiss | Drury Jamison

The Red Kiss

Years after being targeted in a violent, public attack, Seneca Graves is no longer the women she was. Once a forceful and outgoing writer and BDSM lifestyle advocate, she now secludes herself behind walls both physical and mental. When other survivors of the attack begin showing up dead, Seneca’s life is again bound up with her former lover, Special Agent John Book of the FBI. Their bond, and his willingness to submit, draws out Seneca’s strength and dominance.

At the same time, Holly Rabb and Jason Wills of the local police join the investigation. They are partners, dealing with their own feelings and dangerous flirtations. All are thrown together in a swirling mix of mystery, murder, and heated attraction as Seneca and Book become mentors to Holly and Jason in feminine-led love.

As the pressures of romance and investigations come to a head, secrets are revealed that put lives and careers at risk. The mystery deepens as Seneca makes plans for a return to public life, bringing the connections–and passion–to a head. Danger collides with sex, whips with skin, and dominance with love. Not just Seneca, but all four lovers must evolve and learn as a new killer rises to threaten them all, once again in a very public confrontation.

Love at Last | Rosemary Laurey

Love at Last

Their engagement broken after a family scandal, Margaret and John are forced to part. She marries another man, and John is sent out to manage the family estates in Jamaica. Twenty years later, Margaret now a widow and John still single, they meet again by chance. Their feelings have not abated over the years. John wants them to marry, but Margaret hesitates. She has commitments and obligations, so John uses all his skills–in and out of bed–to persuade her that her future happiness lies with him. She agrees to marry him. They make plans for a quiet wedding but the protagonists of the old scandal intrude into the present. It takes all Margaret’s efforts, and John’s support, to finally make a break from the past and face a future together.

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