New Releases: Week of March 28, 2017

Piece by Piece | Remmy Duchene

Piece by Piece

Dean Morgan has spent the last few years of his childhood taking care of his parents. When he took on that job, all his dreams fell by the wayside. There was no getting out of the small town he was raised in, and Dean has one man to thank for that: Fitz Quartermaine.

Years later, his father has withered away from two major broken hearts and alcoholism, and Dean can finally lift his head above water, but he cannot seem to get “normal” again. To make matters worse, here comes Guy Quartermaine, a man he’s hated since he was a teenager; a man whose father cheated Dean’s.

Guy Quartermaine is a man on a mission. Having recently found out what his father did to Dean’s dad, he wants to make amends. But the punch-to-the-face greeting he receives from Dean when Guy first arrives in the small town puts him on notice that if he is to gain Dean’s forgiveness, he has his work cut out for him. To make matters worse, hearts are on the line and Guy isn’t sure if he should continue fighting his father’s demons–and hopefully one day gain happiness–or give in to them and walk away.

Once in a Blue Moon | Tabitha Bradley

Once in a Blue Moon

Sexy Phoenix lawyer Jack Drake has been comfortable with being everyone’s worst nightmare in the courtroom. After all, that’s why he’s nicknamed “The Dragon”.

When he has to return to his hometown to settle his mother’s estate, he finds himself in the irritating position of foreclosing on Regina Steele’s popular and beloved bookstore, Once In A Blue Moon. What’s worse, his mother has stipulated in her will that he must marry Regina before midnight on the 31st of the month, or they’ll both lose everything. It certainly doesn’t help that this pretty, Rubanesque heroine is just Drake’s type, or that he’s been distracted by her since high school.

Regina certainly isn’t interested in the villainous Dragon, too tall, dark and handsome for his own good. She certainly didn’t need him sweeping into her shop like the evil villain out of an old-west melodrama, demanding she pay her mortgage or else. There’s nothing about her dear mentor’s son that Regina would find remotely attractive. Yet, why does she think she’s getting messages from beyond the grave, nudges from the Universe that keep pushing her into Jack’s arms?

And why does she dream about being the heroine who falls for the villain?

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

A Little Bedtime Story 2: A Little in Danger | Roxy Harte

A Little Bedtime Story 2: A Little in Danger

Koko, a Lolita J-Pop mega star, embarks on a Eurasian Tour with both of her lovers, brothers Julian and Liam Van Zant. She calls Julian Daddy; his brother Liam is her Papi. Together, the three embark on a ménage à troi road trip like none other.

Following the recent death of her manager and adoptive father, Papa Ollie, Koko is mentally, physically, and emotionally barely ready to face a grueling road trip. Adding to her stress is a stalker, who shows up at the airport on day one. And while both of her men are loving and doting, will either of them be vigilant enough to keep her safe when her life is endangered?

  • Note: Although the protagonist, Koko, is well beyond the age of consent, she presents part time as a “little”; that is, she acts like a young girl. The sex in this series takes place between consenting adults, but those with a history of childhood sexual abuse or incest may find this triggering.

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