New Releases: Week of March 14, 2017

Games We Play 3: Two Truths and a Lie | PG Forte

Games We Play 3: Two Truths and a Lie

All work and no play has been the story of Brenda Donovan’s life for the past few months. Concerned about the future of her family’s inn, she’s been searching for a buyer for the business–without her cousins finding out what she’s up to. She has no time for relationships. But pretending to date sexy Max Murphy, the hotel scout who’s there to assess the property? That’s totally doable. Especially when games, role-playing, and light bondage are part of the package. Falling in love was never supposed to be part of the package, however, and now her heart’s in play.

Max has no problem with hiding his true identity from Brenda’s cousins. But are they the only ones he’s deceiving? When all is finally revealed will the cousins lose the Wild Geese Inn? Or will they add another member to their growing family?

A Soul Remembered | Vivien Dean

A Soul Remembered

The Reborn project began out of the desperate need to keep a dying man alive. It turned into a century-long hunt for his soul.

Then everything changed a single fateful night in a Bayside alley.

Bleeding out from an unexpected attack, prostitute Adam Silver is convinced he’s going to die again without finding the man he’s been looking for since his very first death over a hundred years ago. He gets lucky. Rescue comes in the form of Dr. David Bogart, but it’s in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that Adam sees the birthmark he created to designate the reincarnation of his long-lost love. For the first time in years, he feels hope.

But it turns out, finding Bogart was the easy part. Staying alive as he fights to help the man the media has dubbed “Dr. Death” is a hell of a lot harder…

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher

Secrets We Keep | Caitlyn Willows

Secrets We Keep

Secrets we keep from our spouse, our lover, each other…ourselves. Secrets buried inside, some to fester, some to bloom. Secrets on a collision course that can’t be avoided and must breathe the light of day…

Dylan Mitchell is dedicated to two things: his wife and his job. He’s the agent who does whatever it takes to get his man, even if that means literally getting his man. It’s part of the job, his duty. Besides, Dylan gets to hook-up with his hot-as-hell wife, Susan, once a month for a night of unfettered sex. It’s all good. Right?

Ah…but those secrets.

It’s not just a job anymore. Emotions are involved–his, Susan’s, and Cabot Logan’s, the man Dylan is supposed to put behind bars. His two worlds aren’t about to overlap, they’re going to collide. Real world and undercover. Secrets revealed. Secrets Dylan’s kept from himself.

But Susan has a secret of her own. So does Cabot. Those secrets and that of others are on a collision course of their own. And the aftermath will change everything…forever…

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been re-edited and revised.

Fae Haven 3: Promises Kept | Elizabeth Silver & Jenny Urban

Fae Haven 3: Promises Kept

When a dying woman makes him promise to watch over her baby, the last thing Adam Christensen expects is for anyone to take him so fully at his word. But then the woman’s brother shows up on his doorstep, baby in tow, with wild stories of magic and fae and going on about promises, and everything changes.

At first, Kalen is too busy drowning in his grief to notice Adam beyond the bare minimum. But soon enough, Adam’s warmth, his humor, his unwavering heart all manage to sneak through the cracks in Kalen’s armor. Somehow, Adam becomes more than a roommate, more than a co-parent to baby Moira. He becomes Kalen’s friend, someone Kalen can trust…someone to love.

But Kalen’s time is limited and he’s only supposed to stay until Adam and Moira don’t need him around. Falling for each other was never part of the plan. That’s the least of their worries when tragedy strikes and threatens their little family. Adam’s promised to take care of Moira, though, and made promises to Kalen as well. And promises are meant to be kept.

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