New Releases: Week of July 12, 2016

Wicked Game | Erica Lynn

Wicked Game

Kara Smith is stressed to the max. She’s close to losing the bar she inherited from her grandfather, she’s exhausted from taking care of her alcoholic father, and to top things off, she’s losing precious clientele to a new nightclub in Houston. She’s so desperate, she’s actually considering the insane proposition her best friend, Trevor Black, has made her. Marry him, and he’ll make sure she keeps her bar.

William Richardson is the son of Carl Jones, as in the Carl Jones…the owner of many of the amazing nightclubs in Houston. Carl has come up with his best idea yet, if only he can get Kara to sell her bar. If William can make sure this happens, he’ll be handed his father’s empire. And hey, William and Kara can’t stand each other, so it should be easy, right?

But after an intensely steamy night where they set aside their feud and bond in the most erotic of ways, will he still be willing to convince her to let go of her bar? Will he even want to?

Wulf's Den 3: Royce and Billie | Marisa Chenery

Wulf’s Den 3: Royce and Billie

Billie first met Royce at Wulf’s Den while there to drag her drunken brother home to his wife. Even though she knows he is attracted to her, Royce refuses to see her again. With four older brothers, and being a personal trainer at her family’s gym, Billie is not the type of woman to let a man she wants slip through her fingers.

Royce knows Billie is his mate, but with her being a mortal, he fights the attraction he feels for her. He already lost a mate who wasn’t a werewolf and doesn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again.

As Royce’s feelings grow for Billie, another werewolf stalks Royce. Thinking Royce’s blood is the key to a magic spell, he will do anything to obtain it, even if he has to use Billie to get it.

  • Note: Royce and Billie was previously released by another publisher. It has been substantially revised and re-edited in this version.

Clan McKinloch E-Boxed Set | Kaitlin Maitland

Clan McKinloch E-Boxed Set

For a limited time only, get all six books of the bestselling Clan McKinloch series for less than the price of the longest one!

Lily in Blue | Peggy Su

Lily in Blue

Lily is beautiful, smart and newly single. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, she decides she wants a one night stand. But not just any one-night stand. One that will make her toes curl and show her what the fuss is all about. Up till now, her experiences have been encounters of the boring kind with her ex-fiance. Now, she’s given the opportunity to pursue her ultimate fantasy. One night with a sexy stranger, in the dark – blindfolded and anonymous.

It’s perfect. He’s perfect. And the sex? It is better than anything she had ever dreamed of. Unfortunately, her perfect stranger turns out to be a neighbor, a former co-worker and her best friend’s stepbrother. He also turns out to be the one person who could destroy her peace of mind, newfound freedom and bid for independence.

Nathan has wanted Lily since the first moment he saw her. Five years later, fate hands him a single night with her. A single night that turns his world upside down. Now, he wages a campaign to win her over. The problem is, he can’t figure out how to ask her out on a date.

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