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Trusting Justice | J.J. Lore

Trusting Justice

It’s been twenty years since the Sion arrived on Earth, changing everything, and Sasha Morency has spent her life avoiding their notice as best she can. She’s grown up with a collapsed population, unstable climate, and the bare minimum of survival necessities, all while the conquerors thrive. When she’s caught up in an investigation of the theft of rare jewels at the Reliquary where she works, she becomes the focus of a cynical Sion who is charged with solving the crime.

Banished from his Sion clan and his squad in the police department for not following orders, Dram Opano is not surprised to be assigned a basic theft case at an obscure Earther museum. A young woman working there knows more than she’s telling, so Dram decides to stay close. Sasha has a talent for climbing walls, confronting authority, and digging for information, much to his surprise, and delight.

Sasha and Dram expect to distrust each other, but as they pool their resources to discover exactly what happened, a bond of respect and passion develops between them. When Dram is kidnapped by the people behind the theft, Sasha has to call on all her skills to save him. It’s a question of survival, for both their lives and their love.

Full Circle | Cassie Stevens

Full Circle

Seth Foster’s biggest mistake wasn’t being in Jason’s arms…it was running from them. After all, running and hiding are what Seth does best. Running down a football field, hiding from the world and himself what he truly feels inside. He thought tearing down the old house would purge the memories. He didn’t realize buying the place would bring Jason Gentry back into his life.

Jason Gentry purged the heartbreak and all the anger that came with it years ago. It comes rushing back at the first sight of Seth standing before the old house. So does ache and want…and Jason’s determination to see the house restored, to show Seth some things are worth saving. It doesn’t take Jason long to realize that the thing that needs restoring the most is Seth. How can Jason give Seth what he most needs without further losing his heart in the process?

Jason has one night to reintroduce Seth to the life he never should have denied. One night to remember forever. If you love someone, let them go…right? Yeah, right…then run the other way before heartbreak catches you.

  • Note: This book was previously published under the title Best-Laid Plans by another publisher.

Love by Design | Sam B. Morgan

Love by Design

Two years ago, Jeremy Lanzo’s life almost fell apart when he fell for his boss and the golden prince of McIntyre Corporation, Benjamin McIntyre, the Third. After being ruthlessly rejected, he swore off the blue-eyed blond and did everything in his power never to cross paths with Ben again.

Now the two of them have been chosen to lead the company’s largest project to date; a lavish hotel in Sydney, Australia. Working and residing with Ben is difficult enough, but Ben’s continued attempts to make amends and re-kindling their broken friendship may prove more tempting than either of them can handle.

Too Soon for Love | Kimberly Gardner

Too Soon for Love

Michael Stricker is still reeling from his partner’s sudden and untimely death when he meets someone new, someone he could really care about. But first he needs time, time to get his life back in order and time to process and assimilate his grief for the man he thought he would grow old with. But learning to live alone again proves to be harder than he thought. In fact, it seems nearly impossible with his well-meaning relatives treating him like a poor, helpless blind guy.

When Alan Stuart befriends Phillip DiMartino’s grieving partner, the last thing he expects is to discover hidden lies and infidelity. Guilty over his attraction to the still-grieving man, Alan resolves to stay silent. But the truth has a way of coming out, and soon a dead man’s secrets bring about more heartbreak than Alan could have imagined.

Although both men vow to keep their distance, staying away is easier said than done, even when it’s Too Soon For Love.

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

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