New Releases: Week of December 13, 2016

Dreamland | Cheryl Dragon


Christmas in Dreamland
Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top secret project deep in a military research base. Being stuck over the holidays sucks but when three hot friends make her dreams come true, she knows there is more to their story. These sexy military studs are on her side but are they men in black or aliens? The truth will out, but either way Meg’s sex life is now out of the world!

Back in Dreamland
Over a year ago, four sexy aliens crashed to Earth and seduced Liz, the doctor who saved them. The captives showed her passion she never imagined, but when Dreamland’s commander found out, the men were sent away. Now they’re back, and Liz isn’t letting go this time. They have a lot of lost time to make up for in bed. But to earn their freedom, the men have to share all their knowledge of the aliens and prove their loyalty at the secret military base. Liz has no doubts and. this time, no shame about her special men.

Lost in Dreamland
Secrets have haunted Bonnie Hastings’s life, but the answers were always hidden from her. After a close encounter, aliens leave her on the military base, Dreamland, and she’s found by her college boyfriends—three men who left her five years ago and have a secret of their own.

Group love was once part of Bonnie’s rebellion, but now, it looks like a big setup. She needs to discover what’s going on because there’s no escape from Dreamland. Of course, Bonnie doesn’t want to give up the three sexiest men she’s ever met—they just have to prove their love is real and tell her the whole truth.

Believing in Dreamland
When four Air Force pilots get nabbed by aliens, the truth about her fellow soldiers is revealed for Samantha Montgomery. Now instead of flying with three hot men she’s been hiding feelings for, she learns her men are aliens and the situation is serious. Her memory may hold the key to what the hostile aliens want. Being trapped in Dreamland and discharged from her normal duties leaves her little choice but to meddle into alien issues. Samantha and her men must prove their loyalties and usefulness while their relationship explores new levels group love. Dreamland is their future and these pilots are ready for anything!

Leaving Dreamland
In protective custody at Dreamland, Shannon Madison wants to learn about aliens and explore the secrets, including the four sexy men guarding her. When the secrets start to unravel, they’re all about her! Amazing group sex is a good distraction but the aliens aren’t leaving them alone for long. The weapon is ready, the ships are outfitted, and it’s time for a showdown. The only way Shannon can keep the men she loves is for Earth to win!

  • Note: Dreamland was previously released as multiple separate stories.

Abducted Hearts 1: Left Behind | Douglas Black

Abducted Hearts 1: Left Behind

Faced with the prospect of spending Christmas alone with his daughter, Havana, in the house he used to share with his husband, widower Stewart Robertson heads north to a campsite in Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands. There, he meets Gary James, an American parapsychologist with beliefs very different to Stewart’s own.

The sexual attraction is instantaneous, and overwhelming, and when Gary asks Stewart to spend Christmas with him and his friends in Fort William, Stewart agrees. Knowing next to nothing about each other, the two quickly start a physical relationship.

Stewart, emotional, angry and still reeling from the recent death of his husband, doesn’t know if he’s ready to start dating again, but he can’t deny that he wants Gary, a man who is keeping a secret that threatens to derail any chance of a happy ending before they even get started.

Priorities 1: Prior Commitment | Raven de Hart

Priorities 1: Prior Commitment

Old town, new flames.

Casey Bridge knows what people are thinking, whether he wants to or not. When he returns to Pryor, Washington, he’s roped into helping with the town’s annual Christmas Carnival—as though they didn’t shun him and his entire family for years. But when he hears something worrying in a stranger’s thoughts, he can’t keep himself from jumping in to help–repeatedly.

Noel’s life is falling apart, and his last possible refuge is in little old Pryor, Washington. When that fails him, he spirals down into depression… and luckily lands in the arms of a local psychic. A very attractive local psychic with a very strong saving-people-streak. Will that be enough to save him or will they be waylaid by a prior commitment?

Croft Holiday 3: Feast of Love | Ceri Grenelle

Croft Holiday 3: Feast of Love

Armie Croft has just lost the last of his vision, something that proves problematic as he bangs his head against the side of the JCA public pool. Luckily, Leighanne Misra, the nighttime lifeguard, jumps in to rescue him, followed by Mitch Karmi who is in a suit and has no training when it comes to performing CPR. Soon after laughing at Mitch’s soaking wet clothes, and double checking to make sure Armie is alive and well, a steamy connection is forged between the three acquaintances.

Mitch wants to hide their ménage from the public, much to Armie and Leighanne’s dismay, but he negotiates and asks they at least have the week leading to the first night of Hanukkah to themselves. The three lovers are stronger together but sometimes you never truly appreciate what you have until you’ve lost it.

  • Note: Feast of Love is the third and final installment in the Croft “Three for the Holidays” series.

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