New Releases: Week of August 2, 2016

O/S | Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow


Jax has the perfect job on the perfect world, looking after subs while their owners are away. But Brysen’s no ordinary sub and his owner Layne is a threat to the safety of every sub on the planet.

Dealing with the heartbreak of a failed relationship, Jax is slow to realize Brysen’s adoration for his stern owner passes all reason, and breaks every rule. By the time he does, there may be time to save Brysen, but in the process, Jax stands to lose everything from his job to his chance at love. Will the protective instincts that guide his actions hold steady or will the darkness Layne wakes within him prove stronger?

Dillon's Prayer | Blake Deveraux

Dillon’s Prayer

God, Please Help me, I can’t live another year like this…

Dillon McDonald is a damaged man, both in body and in spirit. His sadistic partner, Alfonse, successfully broke him long ago. But this New Year’s Eve, a strange new feeling takes hold of him. Is it hope?

Breaking free of the hell he found himself in is only the beginning for this handsome, troubled young man though. When charming young softball coach, Jon Michaels shows interest in Dillon, the stakes are much higher than he’s ever imagined. Jon is kind, handsome, and spiritually grounded. And Dillon can’t help but believe that Jon may just be the answer to the prayer he assumed went unheard.

Will Dillon be able to begin a new life with Jon, or will Alfonse be the end of them both?

  • Note: Dillon’s Prayer was previously released by another publisher. It was been revised and re-edited in this edition.

One Night of Love | Anna Lores

One Night of Love

As a massage therapist to the rich and famous, Lainie is used to keeping secrets. But her stay in Las Vegas leads to a personal secret she never intends to divulge. To anyone. Ever.

Having tried to conceive for years to no avail, she wants to give her dying husband something more to live for – a child. All she needs is a viral man for one night of love, nothing more. But her secret plan changes when her one-night stand transforms her forever.

Alpha over the Western half of North America, Luke Wolfson has found the one woman in the world made just for him, but she’s human. After a passionate night of sensual pleasures, she vanishes. Mates don’t leave mates. He has to find her or they may both die.

Communication Skills | Minxie Wells

Communication Skills

When novelist and competitive board game player, Kira, sits down opposite her Scrabble opponent, Grahame Gaines, a few moments after the buzzer rings, little did she know that A-P-O-L-O-G-Y was more than his first word of the game; it was her first sense that Grahame was less an opponent than the Dom she’d been hoping to meet to help her explore her hidden submissive urges.

Then this kinky and ultra-wealthy corporate magnate spots her again during her introductory visit to a local S&M club and offers up his services as a mentor to indoctrinate her into the world of sexual slavery. That’s where her lessons in Communication Skills truly begin.

During their visit to a private Manhattan sex parlor, Grahame has a catsuited Dutch Domme and her harem of slave girls put a reluctant and defiant Kira through her paces to ensure that Kira will be adequately prepared to serve her Master—but only should she prove pleasing enough for his collar. Kira slowly learns that serving Grahame—no matter how perverse his demands–is far more rewarding than winning any word game.

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