New Releases: Week of August 1, 2017

A Heart Concealed | Kate Steele

A Heart Concealed

A hidden secret, a heart concealed.

Rafe Kutter is cursed…or so he believes. His ability to shape-shift into a bear brings isolation and the determination to never pass the curse to a child of his own. When Lindy Timberlane enters his life, that resolve is sorely tested. Lindy’s kindhearted and passionate nature, not to mention her voluptuous body, ignites a blaze not only in Rafe’s body but his heart as well. He wants what he can’t have. Or can he?

To Lindy Timberlane, Rafe Kutter is a combination of gorgeous hunk and obnoxious grouch…at least at first. Close proximity brings with it an understanding that beneath the gruff exterior is a genuinely nice and sinfully sexy man who’s carrying a painful burden. When Lindy learns Rafe’s secret she’s determined to help. She’ll risk her heart to keep this very human and vulnerable man from condemning himself to a life without love.

  • Note: This story was previously released by another publisher under the title Hidden Heart.

Male Bonding | Angela Claire

Male Bonding

Mark Ryan is stabbed in the back by a guy he thought was his friend and is fired from a Fortune 500 company he trusted was his future. He’s not in the mood for any male bonding. Some good hard sex, however, is another matter.

Jamie Wilkes’ real last name is not quite as brand-worthy as Rockefeller, but it’s mighty close. When he wanders by Mark’s mammoth glass beach house and finds the hot corporate titan in residence, he jumps at the chance to get to know his secret crush better. If Mark wants to mistake him for a surfer or a beach bum, Jamie’s fine with that. What he’s not fine with, though, is Mark’s closed-off attitude.

The prince believed to be a pauper and the would-be CEO who’s fallen off the corporate ladder both realize this could finally be their chance at something real.

  • Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

Seduction en Pointe | Gemma Snow

Seduction en Pointe

When successful TV star of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Nicco Castillo, finds his boyfriend in bed with another man, he goes full-on Hollywood trainwreck that lands him in ER. Next thing he knows, the producers are shipping him off to Paris to shape up and learn to dance for the next season’s story arc. But his incredibly tempting Parisian ballet instructor, Isabelle La Croix, makes that all too difficult, especially when he learns about her decadent desires–desires Nicco is all too pleased to indulge in. Against the ballet barre, the balcon railing, and wherever and for however long Isabelle is willing to have him.

Pirate's Spoils | Qeturah Edeli

Pirate’s Spoils

Domingo is a notorious pirate wanted for a list of crimes longer than he is tall. He still has not solved how he managed to secure Lieutenant James Richardson Flint of His Majesty’s Royal Navy as his beau, given they tried to kill one another at first sight years ago. A chance rendezvous in Nassau prompts Domingo and James to embrace the summer heat with nothing but two stolen candles and Domingo’s authoritative instincts to create a toe-curling encounter centered on dominance and submission.

Though he wields considerable power in his day-to-day life, James is happy to forfeit control and make the most of his shore leave with the only man to ever bring him to his knees.

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