New Releases: Week of February 23, 2016

Bellingham Mysteries: Boxed Set | Nichole Kimberling

Bellingham Mysteries Boxed Set

To celebrate the upcoming sixth book in the Bellingham Mysteries series, we’re offering the first five together in one boxed set. If you haven’t read the romance of Nick and Peter that began in Primal Red, you’re going to want to pick up this boxed set today.

The story begins:

Peter Fontaine is a reporter writing for a free weekly newspaper in the quirky little town of Bellingham. Nick Olson is a reclusive painter with questionable past and a studio in the Vitamilk Building. Peter has a knack for choosing to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this case that place is the Vitamilk Building and the time is the moment that Shelley Vine, local art professor and rising star of the art world, is stabbed to death.

Determined to understand why Vine was killed, and convinced that breaking the story could jumpstart his career as an investigative journalist, Peter begins his own investigation into her death. As Peter uncovers more information about Vine, Olson, and the interconnected lives of the rest of the artists at the Vitamilk Building, he finds himself falling in love with Nick.

Peter wants a story but he also wants Nick, and it looks like he’s going to have to make a choice before the two can paint the town Primal Red.

Van Zant Siblings 5: Shibari Presence | Roxy Harte

Van Zant Siblings 5: Shibari Presence

When Alexandra’s sister calls her fiancé in the middle of the night frantically in need of a Shibari Master, Alexandra learns yet another secret about Gabe and falls headfirst into his kinky past. Not realizing the emotional turmoil she is about to propel herself into, Alexandra insists Gabe be Jessica’s rigger since he learned Shibari from Jessica’s husband and has bound Jessica in the past.

Gabe isn’t thrilled with Alexandra’s plan, since his and Jessica’s shared secrets go farther back than anyone realizes. Knowing it’s about to get real, he brings in a back-up rope master, Francisco Emanuel to top Jessica. With Alexandra’s high-risk pregnancy and bipolar disorder leaving her teetering closer and closer to the abyss, he fears wrapping her sister in his rope may be the last straw.

Alexandra has her own ideas, demanding Gabe not only use the opportunity to share his love of Shibari with her but demands he dominate her as well. Will their relationship implode as secret after secret comes out? Or is their ménage too tightly bound for anyone to fall?

Internal Combustion | India Masters

Internal Combustion

Chelsea doesn’t want a man—problematic, because she can’t stop imagining her boss naked. Finn is definitely off-limits. Chelsea loves her job at his garage way too much to let a little thing like lust ruin her future.

Too bad Finn isn’t on the same page. He can’t seem to think of anything but bending Chelsea over every flat surface in the garage and teasing her until she’ll agree to every fantasy he’s got.

Talking Chelsea into bed—and into some kinky BDSM fun—isn’t nearly as hard as Finn thought it would be. The sex is scorching and he can’t get over how their pillow talk revolves around their mutual love of engines, fast cars and high-octane fun.

Chelsea may let Finn tie her up, but she’s not about to let him tie her down. The mere mention of a relationship has her pumping the brakes and looking for an exit. Finn’s willing to give her the time and space she needs—he knows his woman better than she thinks, and he’s willing to ignore every possessive instinct he has to prove it.

  • Note: Internal Combustion was previously released by another publisher. It’s been substantially revised and edited in this version.

Hidden Away | Caroline Bradley

Hidden Away

Reclusive romance author Lia Hudson has been hiding from a stalker for three years. She must step out of the shadows to pursue a contract that could potentially bring her books to television. This is her dream come true, but will her nightmare follow her to California?

Scotty Gold never saw himself as anything other than a ball player. He feels more real at home plate than anywhere, except with Lia. When a concussion brings his season—and possibly his career—to an early end, he’s forced to imagine a future without baseball. Lia could be that future, if only she wanted more than their friend-with-benefits arrangement.

For two years their agreement worked fine. As much as she loved sex with him, Lia was prepared to let him go if that’s what it took for him to be happy. But then Lia’s long-lost stalker catches up to them; she wants Lia and if she has to, she’ll take matters into her own hands. Suddenly Scott might not have a future to worry about at all. By the time Lia recognizes her true feelings for Scott, will it be too late to save him?

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