Loose Id – to dash or not to dash

Ten years ago, we had to choose a website domain for Loose Id, LLC. Ten years ago, the .suffixes were limited, and we made the choice to go with a dash for a space and we’ve been www.loose-id.com ever since.

Knowing what I know now, and with a bunch of branding under our belt for Get Unleashed, Loose Id is Love Unleashed, Loosen Your Id, Find Your Fantasy, I might’ve gone with one of those, or spent the money to buy looseid.com from the parking service. We could certainly afford to buy it now, but there’s no reason to. Of such choices are history made!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

However, like the pronunciation, the spelling of our company name is a bit of a stumbling block for Iddies. So, how do you spell it? Capital L, lowercase O O S E, space, Capital I, lowercase d. But to dash or not to dash? I’ve been telling the same impromptu joke for years and it just now occurred to me to share it more generally.

Slow on the uptake again, here’s an audio file with a little help for you, compliments of JM Cartwright again.

Loose. Id. Loose Id. Find us at www.loose-id.com but we’re Loose Id, no dash. Just remember, you’re still a Loose Id virgin until you lose your hyphen!

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