Our Last Annual “What I Really Wanted for Christmas” Sale






Last Annual “What I Really Wanted for Christmas” Sale, December 26-28, 2017

Now through December 28, 2017, take 50% off all books sitewide at Loose Id.

Christmas is over. The kids, the partners, work are all sated, sleeping or otherwise out of your hair. Now it’s time for YOU. Get the satisfaction you’ve been craving. All our books are 50% off, now through December 28, 2017, so you can get what you really wanted for Christmas.

Don’t wait! Hurry to www.loose-id.com and get half off your entire e-book purchase* while you still can.

Pick your pleasures. Find your fantasies. Slip the leash of post-holiday boredom.

* 50% discount applied per title. Does not apply to gift certificates or books not available for purchase via loose-id.com.

What’s this about “last”?

All things, it’s said, must come to an end. For Loose Id, that time has come. Rather than risk the reputation and good will that we have worked very hard to build, on May 7, 2018, we’ll be closing our doors for good. We want to thank all of our authors, artists, editors, employees, customers and friends for your help making this company a success.

This is not a decision made in haste, panic or financial distress. The market has changed over the past few years, and a four-person company can no longer compete effectively with the Amazon mega-store. As of this message, we are closed for submissions.

We want to assure you, our customers and friends, that authors and staff are being paid, purchases will be honored, and we will remain in constant communication throughout the closing process. We will do our best to monitor social media during this busy time, but if you have questions, email through our satisfaction@loose-id.com email will be the best channel.

Important Dates
December 26-28, 2017: Last Annual “What I Really Wanted for Christmas” Sale
May 7, 2018:

  • Last day to make purchases on loose-id.com and with resellers of Loose Id books.
  • Gift certificates expire.
  • Idcents expire.
  • Any contest prizes must be claimed.

May 9, 2018: All purchases and customer libraries must be downloaded by this date.

Thirteen years, more than three thousand titles and four hundred authors, and uncountable smiles–it’s been a hell of a ride. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for sharing this journey.

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