It’s About You: Winners


We asked


what your favorite romance tropes are. You told us and we’re listening. We’re going to have a poll, but first, we’re going to give away some books as a thank you.

8 winners chosen at random from 31 responses:

  • Charnel Chante
  • JoAnna B.
  • Amanda
  • Gigi
  • Nikki Kwiatkowski
  • Penumbra
  • Cheri
  • Daisy

Don’t worry, we’ll be contacting you by email to find out what book you want and in what format, but if you see this and you’re in a hurry to claim your prize, you can email me first.

Congratulations, Iddies, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your contributions. Watch this blog for more “It’s About You!”



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