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Unbidden Dragon | Louise KelleyBehind the Book: Using Heartbreak to Inspire a Romance Novel
Louisa Kelley

Lingering heartache from a relationship breakup spurred the idea for my current book, Unbidden Dragon. I would use the novel as a way to purge the woman from my thoughts and heart. I would use my story to put a more satisfying end to things; maybe write in some covert messages to her through the story-line. She actually became a secondary character in the story and my first draft lingered on how much I had been hurt.

Things went along, the rough draft of the book continued, and I fell in love again with someone else. As authors tend to do, my new love also made it into the pages of the story. In a more, ahem, erotic sort of way.

My new love was so supportive of my writing journey, I decided to dedicate the book to her when it finally (hopefully) published. Months went along, many things happened. The book journey stopped and started and stopped again…Then, my love and I came to an amiable end to our romance but continued as friends.

The book was accepted for publication. My editor insisted I ‘tone down’ all the heartbreak over the secondary character. In the end, as the book was being finalized in edits and I was asked if I wanted a dedication page or not, I still dedicated it my most recent love.

Then…she called me to let me know she was getting back together with her old girlfriend. After we ended the call, I sent a fast email to my editor, taking back my dedication. LOL! Instead, I dedicated the book to, “Those who risk love, even when it breaks your heart.”

Because, as my dragons say, “It doesn’t matter who you love, only that you love.”

And that, my friends, is the point of the journey. Love. Even when it breaks your heart. It might just inspire a story…

* * *
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