From Loosey’s Desk: December 2015

Loosey_ExecutiveHi guys and gals, Loosey here.

I’m at my desk, writing blurb copy for our upcoming releases and — whew! — I had to stop to fan myself. There’s some hot stuff coming down the tubes.

Before I get to them, though, I want to flashback to the week of December 1, and the week of December 8, because, darlings, those books are just not to be missed.

First up, Viki Lyn teases and pleases with a saucy fling-length Christmas followup to gay contemporary Lover’s Trill, called Lover’s Trill: A Magical Christmas for just $1.49 (but, psst, if you get it this week, it’s $1.19).

Then come the revised and re-edited (and new to you if you haven’t bought them yet!) Santa’s Genie, a sexy paranormal Christmas romp by Lissa Trevor for $2.99 (hah! $2.39 this week), and new-to-Loose Id author LeTeisha Newton‘s Freya’s Watchers: Immortal Need, an urban fantasy like nothing you’ve read before for $6.99.

Love Caitlyn Willows‘s steamy take on contemporary romance? Christmas and You doesn’t disappoint at $4.99. It’s a hot, heady menage that takes a hard look at letting down the people you love and earning their forgiveness. Did I mention hot?

And in case you’re wondering what happened to Hanukkah, never fear! Astrid Amara‘s Hanukkah on Retainer (sequel to Crash Plus Expenses) for $3.99 is here to spread some holiday cheer. Astrid’s got a knack for nice Jewish boys being naughty, and Dan and Connor are no exception.

The week of December 8 brought us Kate Lowell‘s entry in the Kinky Christmas collection, Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas for $3.99, in which an adorable accountant has his first real gay relationship. Bren Christopher‘s 3rd Patchouli for Christmas story, Partners in Patchouli for $4.99, returns to New York for the Christmas Eve wedding of Mike and Jude, and the inevitable collision with Michael’s supercilious mother. And Neil Plakcy returns to his Love On series with Love on the Pitch for $5.99, a rugby romance with one hella hot love triangle between an ex-football player, his new rugby buddy, and his best friend-with-bennies from grad school.

Super-exciting to me personally is the arrival of USA Today bestselling author Titania Ladley to Loose Id, where she’s writing as Josie Jax. Josie’s first book with Loose Id is forbidden romance between a young, beautiful Amish widow and an experienced but broken-hearted lesbian carpenter. Why do the boys get all the play, you feel me? If you’ve never read a lesbian love story, at $3.99, Aching for Annabell, is a hell of an introduction to try on for size. And stay tuned for more from Josie!

This week, Tuesday threw down bestselling author of Between the Raindrops (psst, on sale!), Tina Kay‘s gay romance The Key to Happiness. It may be short (and cheap at $3.99) but this sweet-and-sexy story of a mysterious gift-giver and his secret admiree will melt your heart–and the snow.

It also brought on Kaitland Maitland‘s Frozen Peach for $4.99, a cowboy Christmas for a delicate but sassy Georgia belle. Cara’s in a take-no-shit kind of mood, and Royce gives her (and me, wow) exactly what she needs.

Newcomer to Loose Id, Kathy Clark, is no newcomer to fiction. She’s written more than 30 novels that have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide–whoa! When you read the first entry in her Room Service series, Fantasy Suite ($4.99), you’ll see why. Fini Resort & Spa is a postcard perfect location, but the smoking sexual fantasy Sam and Frisco play out is anything but mom-and-pop safe.

Been craving the super-snark of Gail Koger‘s kickass ladies and their alpha alpha men? Catching Dragos, a paranormal cat-and-mouse (but so much sexier) game, will more than scratch that itch. This Secrets, Lies & Double Lives story brings you less spiders and warlords than the Coletti series, but two times the grandmothers and one hella hunky supermodel who isn’t what he seems. I, for one, will be begging Gail for the next member of the Dragos clan.

Coming Tuesday, we’ve got Krampus Night from the fierce and funny Theolyn Boese. Love pretty boys with wings, domineering immortals, winsome and willful women? Hot, hot menage with a holiday heart. You do not want to skip Krampus Night. Pre-order now for $4.49. Our pre-orders are always 10% off!

Autumn Montague‘s Siren’s Daughter isn’t your average mythology romance. To start with, Cassie, a Siren, gets ordered to take a matchmaking cruise and not to come home ’til she’s pregnant. Add in a hunky selkie and, oh, did I mention Cassie’s not one woman, but two? I don’t know about you, but I have got to see how this one works out… Pre-order now for $3.59.

I’m a sucker for employer-employee romances. Aren’t you? If you are, then new-to-Loose Id author H.L. Day‘s Time for a Change is for you. Heck, even if you’re not, it’s for you, because who doesn’t love a good revenge drama? Michael wants his suave (jerk!) ex-boyfriend Christian back. What he’s got is a sexy but irritating barista who insists on performing circus tricks half-naked while he works. Michael thinks he’s just going to use Sam to make Christian jealous, but Sam ‘entertains’ no such plans. There’s nothing like a good long read over the holidays. Pre-order this one now for $6.29.

Who hasn’t had a sexy shopping fantasy, am I right, girls? His Personal Shopper isn’t the one I had, but Catherine Clarke sure makes me wish it was. She might be new to us, but she’s not new to shopping, or sexy sexy millionaires with a big ‘ol dominant streak. I’m putting this one in Loowis’s stocking. *wink*

Then hold onto your hats and your credit cards, Iddies. On December 26, Boxing Day, we’ve got our annual

What I Really Wanted for Christmas Sale

30% off every book on site. One day only, 12:01 am to midnight, December 26. No coupons, no joke, every book, no exceptions.

Even more awesome than that? It combines with any other discount, including the pre-order discount and 2015 VIP.

Now, I can’t tell you everything that will be available for pre-order, or available as a Weekly Deal. Truth is, I won’t know until we get there. But I do know at least these four gems will be 10% off come Boxing Day:

That’s all for now, but stay tuned. The What I Really Wanted for Christmas sale isn’t the only special event this month! 9 authors take over the blog, December 26-December 31, and invite you to play a rousing game of Truth or Dare.

Watch this space and stay sassy!

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