For a Fortnight — Epilogue for His Second Chance

For a Fortnight - epilogue for His Second Chance by Stephanie Lake
For a Fortnight – epilogue for His Second Chance by Stephanie Lake

For a Fortnight
An epilogue for His Second Chance

Viscount Randall Torring closed and locked the door very very quietly.  Lieutenant David Wedgewood was in the library somewhere, and he didn’t want to alert the man to his presence. He had a surprise in mind for his irresistible brother in law.

It had been three long days since family matters took Randall away from his estate.  Away from David and his flashing black eyes.

He fully planned to make up for lost time.

He prowled through the overly large room expecting David to be ensconced in the large wing backed chair near the fire.  His cock twinged with excitement as one strong, pale hand turned a page and then drop across the chair arm.

The memory of what that hand could do to him caused him to pause, close his eyes and enjoy the surge of sensation coursing through his body.

Some days he still could not believe David was back in his life.  His strong, elegant, dark angel.
“I’ve been waiting for you for hours, how much longer will you keep me waiting?”  The honey and spice voice made him smile.

Thank the heavens fortune brought this lover back to him.  Half his soul had been lost during the five long years David was gone.

Randall stepped behind the chair and placed his large sun roughened hand on David’s hard muscled shoulder.  He felt a shiver race under his fingers.

Hoarse with emotion, he said, “Love.  I’ve had three hours of hard riding to think of what I would do to you the moment I returned.  The list is unnaturally long.  Do you have the next fortnight free?”

David laughed.  “Only a fortnight?  You evidently did not consider what I have planned for you.  Besides, we have all the time we need.  After all, your wife is in London and will not be here to cause mischief.”  David looked up and his wicked smile promised a month or more of sinful contentment, and said, “For you, Randall? Anything.

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